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Hi! So, Easter Vigil is right around the corner. YAY! I would like to give my RCIA Sponsor a gift. My sponsor was assigned to me by the RCIA Director. It wasn't like I knew her before my faith journey. We aren't around the same age, she is more like a mother figure. Which is wonderful becuase my mom is several hours away from me. Anyway, I digress. I would like to know what are some gifts y'all have given to your Sponsor. Thanks! :)


A book and a medal about HER confirmation saint and a letter thanking her, as well as a promise to follow up every Easter. A DVD would be nice, maybe on Padre Pio, JPII, St Augustine, Monsignor Flaherty, St. Therese, Mother Theresa; or a CD of sacred music-Hildegard of Bingen, Gregorian chant. A holy water font. A statue. Chocolate fudge from a monastery...I could go on.


When I was confirmed in the 7th grade I made my sponsor a black and white print of their jaguar in my schools photo lab. They loved it because it was personal.


A gift certificate to a Catholic book store.

Even better: a sincere letter expressing your gratitude.


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Even better: a sincere letter expressing your gratitude.


I like that idea. Having been a sponsor, she's probably not expecting anything so a letter & maybe a nice card would be more than enough.


If I was someone's sponsor, what I would appreciate is a gift certificate to a local Catholic book and religious goods store.

Just a suggestion, in case you have one in your area. :)


Thanks so much, y'all!


A note of thanks.


I hadn't even thought of this. I, too, was assigned a sponser a few weeks into RCIA. I never knew her before then, but I feel like I've known her a lifetime.


You could also take her out for coffee somewhere as a way to say thanks and then give her a card or even a simple gift. Giftwise, the possibilities are endless. Only you know how much she means to you so you can pick something up that reflects it. I know Hallmark or some of those other card stores often sell some beautiful gifts.


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