Gift idea for a priest celebrating his silver jubilee


I’m not sure where I should have posted this but I guess it’s sort of a family thing. I have a dear friend, a priest who is celebrating his silver jubilee (25 years as a priest) and I would like to get him something. He really has everything he needs and doesn’t want for much but he is a wonderful priest very much devoted to the Latin Mass and has been a great friend to me and my family. Any suggestions for a gift?


I asked this a few days ago; here’s the thread link. Hope it helps!!


Last year we got invited to the 40th anniversary as a priest, for the priest that married us.
We were lucky that there was a note included that any monetary gifts would be used to get him a new set of vestements. This really made it easy for us.


You could make him meals or a meal. Priests often have to cook for themselves so its nice. Or invite him over for a meal…typically they LOVE it, as they often don’t get invited one of those “everyone else” is things.


My pastor retired several years ago and we had a party for him. We all knew he was a BIG Pittsburgh Steelers fan so we all got him Steelers memorabilia, he seemed really thrilled with the stuff.


BlestOne sort of took my idea which is tickets to his favorite team’s game with a bit extra for popcorn and beer. Or if he loves music, tickets to a concert. You get the idea. :wink:


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