Gift idea for Priest that is leaving?


I am looking for a gift idea for our Priest that is leaving for a new parish. He is important to my wife and I as he was there during my RCIA last year, and also did our daughters baptism. He is well read religious and secular books. I thought of a gift cert for a catholic on-line store or possibly the DVD The 13th Day or Into Great Silence. Any suggestions? God Bless


My BIL, who is a priest, would like me to tell you, please, NOT "Into Great Silence". It would be like someone giving you a DVD of your own day-to-day life and job for entertainment.

The gift certificate idea is great... there are probably lots of books he would love to have and this gives him the freedom to indulge in one he might not be able to otherwise afford but really wants.


Or even get him a gift card to a store that sells electronics and a variety of entertainment products. The priest probably has a lot of religious items and literature, maybe he’d be more excited about being able to purchase a movie or an .mp3 player or something along those lines.


I second flyingfish suggestion. I know a nun who receives tons of religious presents. She appreiciates them, but would like something a little thoughtful. So I always get her a gift ceriticate for this candy store she likes.


I am going to get a Barnes and Noble gift card.


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