Gift ideas for a nun - 25th Anniversary of Profession


Need some ideas for an appropriate gift/inscription on a card for a nun who will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of professing her vows. I have been volunteering with the Dominican Nuns for a little over a month now and this is the Sister I am working most closely with. We are working on digitizing and cataloging the music for the responsorial psalms. I would like to give her something (a card maybe?) with an appropriate note of congratulations and maybe something for the community to share (They always have Rice Krispie treats on their “wish list” on the office door). Need some ideas, especially for the personal greeting as to what I should give/write.


How about some tea or coffee?


It’s the equivalent of a 25th wedding anniversary, start there…it would be the silver anniversary.


An American Express gift card in whatever amount your can afford.
Let her choose something she’s been wishing for. A book, some garment, a rosebush, some CD’s to listen to. Something just for FUN.
Congratulations to her, and thank you for wanting to recognize her with a special gift. :yeah_me:


She’s in a cloistered community so I’m trying to think of things she might want or would be appropriate.


Perhaps an amazon giftcard? Cloistered monasteries can always use books for their libraries–but amazon sells other stuff, as well.


I stick with the gift card idea.
She can purchase things online, and also, in monasteries there are “externs” who are permitted to go out and shop, deliver people to the physician, etc.


Of course, in many contemplative monasteries today, the enclosure is not so strictly maintained. I have a Carmelite friend, with whom I have gone out to concerts, for example. They also go out to the public library and do their own shopping, etc. (they no longer have externs)

This monastery had a “movie night” for recreation once a week–until recently (when they decided to rely on the library), I would get them a “one film at a time” Netflix subscription every year. The community would vote on what to see…

I would suggest that perhaps the best thing to do is to ASK.


I was brainstorming ideas and I thought perhaps an indoor plant. The market near me sells these cute little individually potted sunflowers. Or better yet, a Peace Lily. We had one that lived for 20 years.


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