Gift ideas for an outstanding preceptor

So I’m finishing up my retail pharmacy rotation that was put on hold previously due to COVID and I want to give my preceptor a gift on the last day to show my appreciation. For those who don’t know, a preceptor is someone who supervises a clinical rotation.

I initially didn’t like this woman at all, but I’ve come to appreciate how much she cares for her students in comparisons to every professor or pharmacy manager I’ve worked under. She has actually apologized to me for being hypercritical when I wasn’t expecting it. I’ve never had someone older and/or above me apologize to me for anything, even if they did screw up really bad. Most older folks I encounter think they never have to apologize to a teen/young adult for anything. And two weeks ago, she offered to let me stay with her whenever tensions rise in my house after I’ve had another conflict with my abusive mother. Those are just some of the things she has done for me and I need some really good ideas for a gift. Nothing too pricey or over-the-too since I’m just a student.

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Retail rotation? How about giving her a bathroom break :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:.

Look around her area. Does she have any particular things she likes? If you’re looking for something pharmacy related you could go with a matted framed pharmacy US postage stamp with her name on it, or something more general like a small floral vase.

Whatever it turns out to be, write a personalized note telling her the specific things you are thankful she helped you experience. I worked hospital and always tried to give the externs experiences that truly gave them a flavor of what the practice setting represented.


I second the note, handwritten. It speaks from your heart about why you appreciated all that she did for you.You could drop it off at her office with a bunch of grocery store flowers (they cost less than florist) and I think it would make her day. :slightly_smiling_face:


I second that. Do you have an idea what colors and kinds of flowers she likes best?

Not at all. I’m not even sure if she’s the kind of person who can keep a plant alive for long.

A seasonal bouquet is nice. Sunflowers with others mixed in, something like that. :sunflower:

I was kind of thinking of something more permanent or longer lasting, but not a knick knack. But, I don’t know if anyone can not appreciate a potted plant. Yeah, they are a responsiblity, but they really brighten up a home.

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