Gift Ideas for Newly Ordained Priest

Does anyone have any ideas on what would be an appropriate gift for someone’s ordination to the priesthood? Another priest told me a portable Mass kit would be good. Any other ideas?


The portable Mass kit is a great idea.

I would also consider one or more of:

  1. The Oxford RSV-CE Bible or Ignatius RSV-Second CE.
  2. The complete set of the Liturgy of the Hours (they are required, although you may want to check if he already has the complete set)…
  3. Scepter’s Daily Roman Missal.
  4. Book of Blessings, or Shorter Book of Blessings.

I know some people might think this is tacky but some men register so that they do not get duplicates.

I would say a Chalice or vestments, a priest can never have enough of those.

If you can I would ask the intended recipient - giving a few suggestions that are within your price range.

I know of a recently ordained Priest that was offered 4 travelling Mass kits ! Vestments can be very expensive and a donation towards the ones that he likes would be appreciated.

Over here this is when most Priests have to buy their first car - again donations to that are very welcome.

What did I give my friend who was being ordained - a pair of handwritten Icons :slight_smile:

A gift certificate for a local Catholic bookstore is a great idea for a priest that’s hard to shop for!


It would depend on your relation to the person.

Son: chalice, card, and holy card
Brother: Vestments, card, and holy card
Cousin/Friend you are close to: card, holy card, and book
Distant cousin: Card with holy card and money
Acquaintance: Card with holy card

gift cards to purveyors of clerical garb or shoes that is an expense. If he is an order priest and not allowed to keep gifts of money, order a shirt or something so he can return it for something else he needs.

Ok - this is a woman speaking, but I still think this makes practical sense. :smiley:

Imagine you have to spend a good majority of the rest of your life wearing pretty much the same thing every day. And the black clerical shirts are very expensive! I might suggest (if you are close to this person) giving a gift certificate to a clothing supply place where the priests in the area purchase such things.

Or if you are thinking of something that is more sentimental and long lasting, perhaps a statue of his patron saint, or a lovely vintage stole or something. There is a seller on eBay who has some GORGEOUS things: Church-Woman Antiques.


Thank you so much to the people who offered suggestions - they were all such good ideas that I am now stuck for the choice! At least I have a start and will ask my friend about the gift voucher ideas.

Plain old cash. Seriously.

Cash is always appreciated. We had a newly ordained this year and he had so much stuff that he needed to buy for his room and for his personal needs. While the parish provided furniture in his room, there were things he wanted such as a bedspread, pictures for his walls (our priests have a 2 room suite), a TV, he might need a new lap top. There are many things he needs to buy on his own that the parish does not purchase for him. Rembember they have been living in a seminary for 5 years, now that he is “on his own” so to speak, with hopefully more room, there are things he might now have room for that he did not before. One of our priests bought his own recliner, one that he can take with him when he is reassigned (same with the TV, stereo, laptop, etc.)

I would give him books written by Pope Benedict XVI such as The Spirit of the Liturgy, Feast of Faith and Ministers of Your Joy (which is about the ministry of the priest). These books will augment his formation and, hopefully, instill in him a deeper love for the Sacrifice he is commissioned to offer.

Hi and thank you for your advice. I found your ideas to be great. I am, however, curious - you mention “card and holy card”. What is the difference? If it helps, I am not a Catholic.

For a diocesen priest cash may be a good gift but for a religious, depending on the community, it might not be.

In my community all cash gifts must be turned over to the prior of the house you are currently living in. The prior may allow you to keep it or may only allow you to keep some of it, or he may not all you to keep any of it.

Gift Cards are a different matter and are not turned in.

I’ve tried to avoid posting on this one, but quite frankly that is the best option (unless he’s an order priest and has taken a vow of poverty).

Priests have their own “tastes” in liturgical goods, and what someone else picks out might not be to his liking, or fill a need (some priests get so many pyxes at ordination they don’t know what to do with them all). Saying this might seem a little “cold” but in all honesty the best option is almost always to let the priest decide for himself what he realy needs.

Thanks for the suggestion Father. I went out for dinner with a friend who will be ordained this summer – I probably write him a check for the gift idea.

Thank you so much for your honest advice - I really appreciate the thought that went into your reply. Thank you.

A card is typically a greeding card of congratulations or Catholics will often give a Mass Card in which they have donated a monetary gift to a monastery or religious order to have a Mass offered for a particular person, in this case, the deacon being ordained a priest.

A “holy card” is a small picture approximately 2" X 3" of Jesus, Mary, a canonized saint, or Arch Angel or guardian angel, or Christian religious event, like the Nativity, the Resurrection, etc.

Thank you very much for the prompt reply which makes a lot of sense. I have a greeting card and will ask my friend re the gift voucher or monetry gift.

anything a priest can use is good. a personal portable mass kit is nice, but sort of costly. in my tradition we got a chalice for our personal daily mass. or anything a priest can use that the diocese don’t provide is good.
have a look at or any catholic supply.

God Bless

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