Gift ideas for priest celebrating his silver jubilee

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I have a dear friend, a priest who is celebrating his silver jubilee (25 years as a priest) and I would like to get him something. He really has everything he needs and doesn’t want for much but he is a wonderful priest very much devoted to the Latin Mass and has been a great friend to me and my family. Any suggestions for a gift?

Spiritual bouquet?

An old priest once told me that the best material gift you can give them is just plain money. :smiley:

If you ever walk into a rectory, they are filled with religious items given as gifts. Priests don’t need more of that sitting around collecting dust. It becomes a burden after a point.

Cash would be my answer for the same reasons! Let him decide what to do with the money!

Ahh… we must have the same pastor! I need a gift idea too…can’t attend the celebration though…no babysitter.


Ok, what about some silver coins? Or better yet, one American Eagle GOLD coin? No one complains about that cluttering up anything.

Current price is about $700.

How about a nice Chalice? or other Sacred vessel.

Maybe a nice new Roman Chasuble?

I dont know, you can look on here for some good ideas:

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