Gift ideas for soon-to-be-Catholic wife


My wife is going through the RCIA process and will be baptised, confirmed, First Communion, et al, on Holy Saturday. I’d really like to get her a special gift to commemorate one of the most important moments of her life.

Any ideas? I’m thinking jewelry but will consider all ideas.



Does she have a Catholic Bible? just a thought…


I suggest a high-quality rosary, something that she might not buy for herself. Creed makes beautiful ones and you can pick out the beads, the crucifix, the center piece. I have a gorgeous mother of pearl one with sterling ends pieces and sterling crucifix and centerpiece. It was a gift and I would have felt funny buying such a nice one for myself.


The Catholic Answers Bible is fantastic, has apologetics helps, and a rosary engraved in the leather cover!


My husband got me a medal of my Patron Saint for Confirmation and had an inscription put on the back with [Name] [Confirmation Name] Confirmed, April 14th, 2001.

I never take it off. :slight_smile: (I always figure, if I’m in an accident and I lose consciousness, it will signify that I’m Catholic, and someone will call a priest.)


What a fabulous idea!


Nice Rosary is my first choice, then a Catholic Bible if she does not have one, then framed picture of the “Last Supper” if you don’t have one.

Kind of funny, we had someone look at our house a couple weeks ago. When they came in the kitchen they said “Oh you are Catholic”, I said yes (kind of hesitant) she said “every Catholic I know has the Last Supper in their kitchen or dinning room”


Before my father took his 40-year hiatus from the Church, he bought my mother a crystal rosary, rather expensive for the times (1950s). So, I vote for a rosary she would never buy herself.

Every Catholic “girl” IMO needs a very nice miraculous medal. Steady, serious Catholic boyfriends used to buy “girls” whom they intended to make their wives nice miraculous medals, preferably ones that were so nice, the “girls” would not take them off, ever.


my standard recommendation for a gift for adults or teens for Confirmation or other sacraments is a Daily Roman Missal, and hopefully help in how to use it.


I gave my wife the Shared Faith Cross from James Avery (open part in silver to symbolize her Christian faith up until that point (partially “empty” until the Easter Vigil); center part in gold to symbolize the “completion” of her faith journey and the “filling” of the “void”). She already had a rosary (blessed by JPII and given to her by our older son) and a Catholic Bible.


I recommend giant, good quality, diamond earrings. Oh, wait, that’s what I’d like for any sort of celebration, j/k.:smiley:

I like the idea of a very nice quality Rosary or the saint’s medal with the engraving. My DH just got me a very nice Rosary for valentine’s day and it was a lovely gift.


I’d recommend a really nice medal and necklace for her Patron saint maybe. What does she like to do or what is her career? Sometimes you can find special medals for certain professions, sports, etc. (st. christopher). I think a really beautiful Miraculous Medal would be nice as someone already mentioned. I’m secretly hoping to get a miraculous medal as a wedding gift from my soon to be hubby.


The four volume Liturgy of the Hours – one set for each of you. DH and I do Readings, Morning and Day prayer separately, then Evening and Night prayer together as a family. And Readings often comes up at dinner. . . . It’s actually a gift for your marriage and family.


Well, here is a Catholic house that does not have such a picture, nor does my sister nor my parents nor for that matter did either of my Grandparents. Now pictures of the Blessed Mother in one way or another, a beautiful wall crucifix yes.

You want a great gift for your wife for her conversion? Besides a good sturdy Rosary and Daily Missal (perhaps a subscription to Magnificat; or a beautiful wall crucifix for a spot where she will see it daily in your house - I have mine here in my office and wouldn’t mind more throughout the house.

I also have beautiful nativities in various forms that I leave out year round.

If you want to stay with jewelry look for a really good 14k gold crucifix with a good chain to wear daily. You can see some jewelry at There are other web-sties as well such as

Just some more ideas ;).

Brenda V.


How about a swim suit? and a trip to Rome to use it?

Great ideas, folks… but what is a miraculous metal? And what is it’s history?


On the subject of Bibles…consider a big “Family” Bible. the kind with the pages in the front for documenting births, deaths, baptisms, etc…

They are the ornamental (and practical) cornerstone of many a Catholic household.


It’s the Miraculous Medal; not “metal.” :wink:


:doh2: hookt on fonix werkt fer me!

Thanks for the pointer!


Thanks for all the suggestions so far. I haven’t decided yet, but will share with you all when I do.

I’m safe to say it’s not the diamonds or the trip to Rome. :smiley:


Sooo sweet!

I am doing the opposite. My husband is my sponsor and I just bought him this beautiful sterling square medal with a red cross engraved into it on a leather band for a necklace. It’s a “Thank you for bringing me Here”

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