Gift Ideas - post here!


Thought it might be fun to have a thread here for the next few weeks to post gift ideas.

Obviously not the more personal gifts, like for your children or spouse, but ideas for, say, Secret Santa, Dirty Santa, neighbors, teachers, gifts from the kitchen, stuff like that.

Necessity being the mother of invention, I am posed with the problem of selecting a Secret Santa gift, about $25 for a couple. The three couples on my in-law side will be doing this. I may do something Christmas-y like a beautiful center piece or maybe a basket of goodies with recipes.

Any other ideas??


Here are ideas anyone might like, but might be especially appreciated by anyone trying to be calorie-conscious this season:

assorted fine coffees (I don’t have a website for that idea, sorry!)

assorted teas (I just ordered at


I recently created a wedding registry at ( ) and thought that is was great - highly recommended. This made really easy for my guest to send gift.


Giong back to the original purpose for this thread (is it too soon for this Christmas?)

I love the baking mixes in mason jars gifts. There are tons of sites that list recipes for them.

Homemade bath salts have been very popular with teachers we’ve found.

We’ve collected pine cones and made centerpieces. If you anchor them with sented wax, they continue to have a nice smell. Also, fire starters are fun to make if you know the recipient has a wood-burning fireplace.

Garder crafts, but tons of fun to do are to make candles or soaps. You need more equipment, but if you make a lot the price comes out ok.

Also, making crafts to use as tree ornaments. You can decorate plain balls with craft paint, or make angels, etc out of beads.

I also like making up my own baskets of goodies. A fun one is a video and movie-type snacks (microwave popcorn, nut mix, etc) in a big bowl. Depending on the price of the move, that can get expensive though.

For someone I know who cooks, I’ve done baskets of themed kitchen goodies–like little jars of fancy Italian stuff (mushrooms, olives, nice oil) or another cuisine.

I like the craft ideas because then the kids are involved in making the gifts, especially for their teachers (don’t forget CCD!), coaches, etc.


Great thread idea! :thumbsup:

But what is a Dirty Santa?


I’ve seen this done with a movie rental gift card.


I have done a couple of movies with gourmet popcorn and popcorn seasoning.

Movie theater gift card with the offer to babysit (if needed).

Gourmet coffee (whole bean) with an inexpensive grinder.

A couple of board games or jigsaw puzzles with a bottle of wine.

Makes me wonder. Has Santa been shopping at Victoria’s Secret!!! :blush:


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