Gift of a book for faithless friend going through divorce. Help


I have a friend that lives many miles away. She is not faithless as she does believe in God and is Catholic. She is going through a difficult, unwanted divorce after 25 yrs of living a respectable married life. They never practiced their faith while married, but I have a feeling that she would be receptive to coming back to faith if she was nudged a bit :)

I would like to mail her out a book as a beginning of the "nudge". Something that will help her in her sad struggle with being single and alone again. Something to encourage her to put her trust in God and to revert back to her Catholic roots. Nothing too deep yet or nothing "in your face".

Do you have any suggestions for me?


Hi there,
Yes, I suggest the Bible. This woman may be still grieving the loss of her marriage and there is little one can do except pray and encourage prayer.

If you feel that you must do more, be a good listener and then take her thoughts that she shares with you and pray for her.

If you cannot be there to take her to church with you, then you can be a good friend. If you can take the time, arrange to take her with you or accompany her to her nearest church then this would be a glorious mission for God.

If you have missions or painted churches or other interesting Catholic churches nearby, then you could go on a mini vacation together to visit these special places or retreats. This may help her feel more comfortable and re-focus her thoughts and energy on the everlasting God our Father.

It is always a mistake, in my opinion, to put faith in another human being. We are all so unpredictable and many so full of sin that we will always be disappointed. Let's direct our faith and trust only to the Lord God and give up our lives to His will. He may have a brighter future and new mission for your friend. Let's focus on the positive and going forward.

I hope this helps, God Bless you and yor friend.:)


I would actually not recommend the Bible. That seems like too hard a nudge and would make you look pushy. Maybe try A Prayer for Owen Meany


There is actually a “Chicken Soup” series book for Catholics. I didn’t pick it up and have been sorry, since I looked through it and liked it. :slight_smile:

Here it is - looked it up on Amazon: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith: 101 Stories to Offer Hope, Deepen Faith, and Spread Love :thumbsup:


Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly


I second the Chicken Soup books mentioned. These books will give a nudge as you would like. They are also in small bites, to be read in a few spare moments. I think reading these books can plant the seeds for a return to her Faith as well as find comfort while dealing with her divorce.

And of course, keeping her in your prayers and your life would be a big help too!


Great suggestions.

I've decided to get the Chicken Soup book for her. Chicken Soup books are often well accepted.

In the afternoon while I clean the kitchen I'll often put on one of those "Journey Home" recordings to accompany me. Yesterday, I was listening to an older one and it was a lady named Johnette who wrote a book called "Full of Grace" . It's a book for women and also is about the Holy Spirit's work in us. Strange how sometimes things just fall in your lap when you need it.

Chicken Soup and Full of Grace as well as prayers :)

Thank you all... and if you have more suggestions or opinions on these 2 books, I don't mind at all hearing them.


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