Gift of Discernment



I was wondering if anybody here has the gift of discernment. If you do, please tell me about it. :slight_smile:


Nobody out there? :frowning:


Are you referring to the gift of discernment of spirits?


I believe there is a definite spiritual gift of discernment which I don’t have but there is also a certain level of discernment that any believer can develop. a certain level of discernment by prayer and studying the truth. I don’t know if this is still the case or not but many years ago I read a book about religious cults. The author said that, when FBI agents are trained to detect counterfeit money, they never see any. The idea is that the get so acquainted with the real stuff that the counterfeit is immediately obvious. Hope this helps.


Yes. And I was talking about the discernment of spirits.


Fr. John Hardon’s definition:

DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS. The ability to distinguish whether a given idea or impulse in the soul comes from the good spirit or from the evil spirit. It may be an act of the virtue of prudence, or a special gift of supernatural grace, or both. In persons who are seriously intent on doing God’s will, the good spirit is recognized by the peace of mind and readiness for sacrifice that a given thought or desire produces in the soul. The evil spirit produces disturbance of mind and a tendency to self-indulgence. An opposite effect is produced by both spirits toward sinners. (Etym. Latin discernere, to distinguish between, determine, resolve, decide.)

According to Sherry Weddell, author of the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory and the Called and Gifted workshop, (more info here) the charism of discernment of spirits is rare, so you’ll probably be hard pressed to find someone with it.

Sherry has this gift and describes it as being able to detect a spirit of evil or the Holy Spirit in someone. In the CD workshop she gives an example of how she experiences this gift: she once walked into a store that had a few occult items for sale and having a strong sense of an evil presence there. She also sensed the Holy Spirit in someone she’d just met by having an image in her mind of St. John the Baptist leaping in the womb of St. Elizabeth.

I imagine this gift manifests differently in each individual who has it, but one thing they all have in common is having sudden knowledge of being in the presence of an evil spirit or the Holy Spirit.

According to Weddell, this is a gift that takes some time and spiritual direction to discern.


Thank you:thumbsup:


I agree, this is a rare gift and my parish priest says it is one of the higher gifts. Maybe this paper by Fr. Most will help. Tim

Do you know people who have the gift of spiritual discernment?

I’m sorry but I can’t agree that the gift of discernment is rare…probably because I am a charismatic…

I have been blessed with this gift. I will look at someone and If they have an evil spirit in them, I will get a sharp uncomfortable feeling. If the Holy Spirit is present I will also sense it, especially at Mass. I can’t really describe that feeling. I also occasionally feel the presence of saints or angels. Like Mother Mary or Archangel Raphael. The last saint I sensed around me was St. Therese, the little flower, because I am doing a novena to her. Sometimes the feeling is vague and other times it is very strong and overwhelming. Sometimes the Holy Spirit accompanies the feelings with knowledge and other times I am just puzzled. Pray for it!


Thank you, this was what i was looking for. Have you ever felt St. Michael? He’s my saint.
The reason I asked is that sometimes I feel things, usually God’s presence in a place or lack thereof. I thought i was just weird, that’s all. But i will pray for it.


Yes I have :slight_smile: and Gabriel… I feel angels when i talk about them…its like a tingling on your arm or whatever…I have been told by my friend who had a vision of st. Michael that he is 50 foot tall! that is huge!


That is sooo coool! You are truly blessed. How does the presences of God " feel"? I sometimes feel a fire go thru me.


As Catholics and Christians I think this is the sort of Discernment we should be seeking. This is the ‘Prayer for Discernment’ by St Francis of Assisi:

Most High, glorious God,
enlighten the darkness
of my heart,
and give me right faith,
certain hope,
and perfect charity,
wisdom and understanding,
Lord, that I may carry out
your holy and true command.


Yes, the fire of the Holy Ghost :slight_smile: my hands like burn, they go hot and sometimes my Lebanese ears go hot as well and theres just this like peaceful heaviness, like the atmosphere changes, theres a warmth and like this power or force. Its indescribable. This gift is there to edify your spirit and to help those around you. If you are in a dangerous place or meet a dangerous person then beware, if you sense a demon in someone you should give them the St. Michael prayer and some how try and get them to see a priest for confession and an exorcism but pray about it. and just rest in the presence of God.


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