Gift of Tears and More

I would like to share a deep experience with you that I experienced at Church this morning.
I have to admit I have been having a struggle with the Eucharist and the Real Presence. This morning I went to Church like I usually do in the morning. When it came time to receive Communion, I approached the Priest and the Cup very reverently, but without any feelings or emotion at all. I received. Well when I got back to my seat, the tears just came from out of no where and the realization of the fact that when we receive, we do receive the Real Body and Blood of Jesus. Well, needless to say, this shook me to my very core and I am still shook. This was a very humbling experience. I know there was absolutely no reason that I should have cried over anything and especially if what I was receiving was just plain bread and wine. I am not stupid and this has been quite a learning experience. I just wanted to share this with you and maybe it will help others that are in the same struggle.

What a wonderful experience .Good for you . May I suggest that you read a Eucharistic book ? There are books out there that have miracles of the Eucharist. There is one about the Eucharist in Lanciano Italy . The Host bleeds .A Priest hundreds of years ago doubted the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist and while he was doing the double consecration the host started to bleed and it still bleeds today and an be visited . Scientists called it"unique case" and "scientificly unexplainable " .I am so pleased to read about your experience .


I had a similar experience a few years ago when i was given the gift of tears during the Agnus Dei. I continued to have this experience nearly every time i attended Mass for over a year… The experience had the effect of drawing me closer to the Eucharist, at first… later, as i delved into why it was happening at the Agnus Dei, I saw those tears as a sign from God that i needed to be washed clean in His mercy…through Reconciliation and Penance. I was able to identify one key area in my life where I had not allowed Christ to enter in… it was Pride, of course which kept me from seeking His mercy and love… that was five years ago, and so began the process of my "awakening"in our Catholic Faith. Those tears (along with a profound experience in Adoration) began my enrollment in the School of Love…in which, I desire to be a lifelong pupil

sometimes, I miss those tears!

Thank you all for sharing your priceless gifts from God.
Just reading these posts has been a gift from God to me…
I wish I had known about these these gifts and how priceless they are a long time ago.
I just used to think I was weird or something…no matter how much my mother tried to convince me that I was unique …
It is good and comforting to read about these gifts from other unique souls …

Thank you for sharing this. What a beautiful experience.

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