Gift Of Tears

Hello All,

I want to post a question here.

Is there really a Gift called Gift of Tears?

How can we discern if we truly have the gift of tears?

Reason for asking this is, I sometimes try hard not to weep and control my tears mainly during adoration. It sometimes happens during mass too. Someone told me long time ago that it could be the gift of tears. My “issue” started long time back.

I do not know if my tears are just an emotional outburst in front of the blessed sacrament or it is a Gift. I am by nature a sensitive person,but that disqualify my “tears” problem during adoration as a gift?

Anyone has any thought or same experience?


hi i also have that same problem and people tell me the same thing

Joe, the Gift of Tears is the term used for that experience sometimes arising from the Prayer of Quiet, that level of prayer wherein God initiates the soul into the beginnings of the higher states of prayer. The Prayer of Quiet can give rise to a great delight in the depths of the soul that overflows into gentle tears. The Gift of Tears is not an overwhelming feeling of grief for one’s sins or an exhibit of emotionalism. It is erroneous (though sadly popular) to speak automatically of over-flowing emotion (as beneficial as that may be) as the Gift of Tears.

The prayer [of quiet]. . .is very easy when compared with the effort involved in discursive meditation, and even if it lasts a long time, it does not weary the recipient. Because it is infused, this prayer can be neither originated nor prolonged by our efforts or desire, and it can bring to one’s intimate depths a great delight, a delight that can spill over into the body on the emotional level. Tears may accompany this contemplation, but if they do, they are, says [St.] Teresa [of Jesus], ‘Gentle and without distress,’ Fire Within, Fr. Thomas Dubay, Ignatius Press, pgs. 88-89

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