Gift of Tears


Has anyone had the “gift of tears” before consecration?

I had them this morning, just before the priest washed his hands. I usually always have them after I receive Communion when they come. The tears just came all of a sudden for no apparent reason. I was not upset over anything.


Yes. I have to fight the tears sometimes as I kneel next to the priest at the altar during the consecration. I also experience this after recieving when I go back to my chair before the closing prayer; sometimes to the point where everyone in the congregation is able to see it many who join with me in tears.


Sometimes, the listening to the readings will bring them. They have arrived at others times as well, but normally after communion.


I sometimes get teary-eyed during or just after the consecration, or after receiving communion. I don’t recall it ever happening before the consecration, but I don’t see any reason why it should not, in anticipation of the Eucharist.


This makes sense. I didn’t think of it in that way this morning. I have never had it happen to me, to my recollection, before consecration. I have had tears right at consecration and after receiving the Eucharist but not before as far as I can remember. This is why I thought this was odd for me. But in anticipation makes sense.


We have a man who goes to daily Mass who weeps frequently.

As an EMHC I see it often enough, people come up to receive with tears.



I have, many times. I didn’t know what they were at the time it began. I would literally have tears streaming down my face through no control of my own, before the consecration, and while I received/after I received Communion.


This ^^^^

As a minister distributing the Sacred Species, sometimes people come up to receive, and you can just tell in their face, THEY BELIEVE! Wow, that brings me to tears every time. I think people sometimes just how strong a witness to the faith they are in the simple things. I think there is a famous quote about that, strive to do the extraordinary in the ordinary. Not sure how it goes.


I sometimes choke up when reading the Gospel. I read real slow at times just because of this.


Just to add to this. After this experience, a man that attends morning Mass frequently, came up to me after Mass when I was heading for my car, and wanted to invite me to the
Bible Study at the Church on Tuesdays. He also engaged me on points of the faith. I was able to help him to clear up a few hazy areas for him. He said he was glad we talked. I have no idea why he singled me out, but I was very happy to have been able to help him. It must have been the Holy Spirit really at work today.


An interesting fact… In the Eastern Churches the “gift of tears” refers to crying over one’s sins in sorrow for committing them and in joy for God’s love for us. :slight_smile:


Usually if I am going to cry over my sins, I know I am going to cry and I know what I am going to cry over. These tears just come all of a sudden, no specific thoughts on my mind, they just come, mostly for me after receiving the Eucharist. This time it was just before the priest washed his hands. This was different. Interesting difference.


u wud drive me barmy in that we take the Gospel to the middle of our Church and when am Acolyting I am affected by the balance sound and that spot is where the ‘cut off’ is an just stand in the wrong place, I never yet fainted in the Gospel as I don’t faint but stand in that wrong place and I wonder how am going to get thru it especially with our Deacon as he does read slow and turns his head to look at the people and with the sound for me is a challenge. The other Sunday when I saw how long the Gospel was I actually said to the Priest if ‘he’ takes too long then may have to pick me up because wasn’t feeling well anyway. He just calmly said, thats alright, just if u fall make sure fall forward… I did sway a bit more that week and hit the Gospel with my candle much to the concern of the person who holds it - who luckily hadn’t heard me kind of warned the priest or would have been more concerned. But yes I am affected by sound/balance since Septicemia and u would drive me so crazy with the slow speed sometimes, enough that if u were slow regularly enough I would swap that week simply because i shake too much. Walking back down the isle is a huge relief for me:blush:


Thank you all for sharing this. I always thought there was something wrong with me for crying. I so tried to conceal or stop it, but I cant. Now I know that it is okay.


Yes, it is certainly ok, this is the gift of the Holy Spirit being active in your life in a profound way. Accept it and thank the Spirit for allowing you to experience it.


I’ve never heard it referred to as a ‘gift of tears’. I have had spontaneous bursts of tears, usually at consecration and other parts of Mass; the time I’d say it was truly deep and unexpected was the first time I said the Divine Mercy by myself after having heard it at a Mass and on the radio just a couple times. By the third decade, my tears were out of control. However, the Passion always makes me ache and tear up; it had never made me weep so deeply though.


It truly is a gift. It comes from the Holy Spirit through you, but not from you. It is His gift at that time to you. It is a wonderful experience and He gives it to you at Will. I experienced it for quite a while before I found out what was happening. Just enjoy His union with you and just let the tears come. There isn’t much you can do to stop it anyway. It is a gift from Almighty God, just enjoy the intimate union.


I really did/do love it, and it is truly a gift. I think the more you know about it, the more open you are to receiving it. It hadn’t been that long since I had done the Novena to the Holy Spirit when this happened so deeply.


I’m not quite sure what you are saying here. But I do think you misunderstood what I meant. I simply stated that when I do have a moment where I get choked up, I take a second or two to catch my breath and then continue; otherwise I would completely lose it. The words, as I read them, sometimes bring me to an emotional wellspring of joy! Not sure how else to describe the sensation.

I did not mean I read the entire gospel slowly, actually I do not try to look at the people much, I do not believe to properly proclaim the Gospel I need to “make the people feel like they are in the story”. I read it as it should be read, with tone and inflection as appropriate to the literary form and punctuation.

On another note, and I hope this doesn’t sound uncharitable, if you have medical issues which cause you concern during the liturgy then maybe you should reconsider serving. There are no laws mandating that you stand if you are not able to stand; go sit in the pew instead of taking the chance of fainting. Just a thought; if I misunderstood your words, I do apologize.


Here is a very detailed explanation of the Gift of Tears, please be warned with what is the True Gift and what is not…
Excerpt: "Now if one cries at ‘every little thing,’ it’s not a good thing. St. Teresa spoke about this and warned her nuns. We need to be tougher than that. We need to be the Church Militant about what goes on in our world. St Teresa wrote: “It is easy to know when tears come from this source (God), for they are soothing and gentle rather than stormy and rarely do any harm.” She also warned that this gift does not mean one has true virtue… “Let us not fancy that if we cry a great deal we have done all that is needed-rather we must work hard and practice the virtues: that is essential–leaving tears to fall when God sends them, without trying to force ourselves to shed them.”

Here’s the link for more info:

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