Gift recommendations for a 13-yr girl?


Any ideas?


My children collect Catholic Saints. They also like a special rosary. They enjoy a good Saint book also.

Good Luck.



You haven’t said anything about your relationship to this 13 yr old girl, or what her interests are. Books on Saints or a rosary sound like great ideas. You may also want to consider a pretty statue of Mary, a Holy water font, or a picture of Mary in a beautiful frame.

Do you know if she has a favorite Saint? You could buy her a book about or by this saint. Or a statue of the saint.

There are lots of good gifts you can give that will help her turn her mind towards Godly things.



Thanks for the recommendations. She is my niece. She lives out of state so we only see her for a few days each year, so I don’t know if she has a favorite saint or not, but perhaps I could ask my sister.


As far as her interests, I know she is an avid reader. She read a pretty thick Harry Potter book in a few days.


Is anyone familiar with The Princess and the Kiss - A Story of God’s Gift of Purity ? Is this appropriate for a young teen or is it geared more towards younger children?


Despite the best intentions, not many 13 y.o.'s I come in contact with are focused on saints.

Gift cards seem to be the thing that are always welcomed as this age group loves to shop and pick out their own things. You can also get pre-paid Visa cards through most major banks that they can use anywhere. I-pod gift cards, that can be used to down load songs from the internet are also popular–and they come in denominations as small as $15 and up and are available at places like Target, Best Buy, etc.


The The Princess and the Kiss is geared toward early grade school kids. I got for my daughter when she was about 7.

Did Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons?: And 199 Other Questions from Catholic Teenagers is probably more in her age range.


I second this advice. My 13 y.o. loves gift cards (and, of course, plain old money:) )You can also include a Saint card with the birthday gift or some other small religious article.


my 13 yr old granddaughter is getting (as part of the family gift) a collection of classic movie DVDs, this is something her mom and I discussed this past summer. We tried to find DVDs of good old movies to rent, and could not, so I have been collecting them as I see them: Little Women, Pride & Prejudice, Story of Fatima, Anne of Green Gables, come to the Stable, etc. her aunt has found some as well, not just religious themes, although there are a few of those, but classic family stories.

rule no. 1 for grandparents: don’t try to buy them clothes you will not be able to satisfy them and they will have to go through the agony of wearing the plaid slacks, or the dresses that match what you gave their pre-school sisters, all day for your benefit. every teenager alive will gratefull accept gift cards for an electronics/video or clothing store. my grandchildren also like bookstore gift cards since they are big readers, and I can’t keep up with what books they already have by their favorite authors.

each of the grandchildren is already getting this week some Advent gift–calendar, Jesse tree, make your own wreath etc.

the more personal religious oriented gifts I save for birthdays, confirmation etc. I am still looking for saint statues and stuff for their patrons. They got a big saint book, and a lives of the saints on CD-rom, last year because they have to research saints from time to time at their parochial school.


While 13-year-old girls may not be into saints and stuff like that, you can still get her something religious. She may not be “into” it now, but it will no doubt grow on her.

For example, yesterday I purchased a lovely icon for my Goddaughter to hang in her room. You can get them many places (Catholic bookstores, on online here). Select one of her patron saint, or one of Mary. She can keep it in her room, and then when she leaves home it’ll always be a reminder not only of you, but of her faith.

This is the one I got my niece. They really are beautiful.



My daughter just turned 13 and had her party a couple of weeks before. She got an i-pod nano.

Two weeks later on her “real” birthday we had a small family celebration and I wanted her to have a few things to open but nothing big b/c the i-pod was really enough …

…so I found this kit at books a million that explains how to do different nail painting techniques - faces, sunsets, on fingernails. It was under $10 and I think it’s her fave gift (next to the i-pod of course!).

She also got some really colorful warm socks to wear around the house (teens love those) and a pink bathrobe with poka dots all over it. …

LEt us know what you end up getting.


A gift card to a book store. That way, it may be more in tune with your liking vs. maybe some immodest outfit. What about a subscription to True Girl. True Girl is the a Catholic magazine designed for teen agers. From what I saw, I think it is a great idea. I ordered it for my goddaughter’s b-day. Unfortunately, I never heard if she got it, a thank-you or otherwise…


I ordered this for my 14 year old cousin last year, and she really enjoyed it. Her mom did, too!


I recommend buying a novel for her called Arms of Love by Carmen Marcoux (A Catholic novel) based on a story about purity. I know she’s too young to be thinking about relationships, but perhaps she should read about good examples of relationship? The site says that the book is for young people; it’s up to you to decide if she should be reading something like this at the age of 13. Personally if I was 13, and I was 6 years ago, I would love to have received this book because I had many false views about relationship.

by Catholic author Carmen Marcoux

Enter the world of Joanie Collins and Brandon Vaughn as you read this exciting new story of Christian courtship.

Joanie, a strong Catholic woman, setting out in a new career as a journalist, must face one of the greatest challenges of her young life . . . romance.

Committed to the values of Christian courtship, Joanie finds herself attracted to the handsome young commercial producer, Brandon — a man living a very worldly lifestyle. Brandon makes every effort to draw the attractive young reporter into his charms and into his world. Meanwhile, Joanie is battling to resist his advances, as she earnestly seeks to bring Jesus into Brandon’s life.

A compelling novel that you will not want to put down — this book faithfully presents the Church’s teachings on marriage and the sacraments. Discover how courtship, when put into practice, has the power to transform our society, one heart at a time.

Pass this book on to family and friends. Both young and old will enjoy reading this dynamic and refreshing presentation of pure and wholesome, God-honouring relationships. Written in an easy-to-read style, you will be delightfully surprised by the depth of content.

Arms of Love is a great tool for evangelization.

Arms of Love is an excellent means to introducing the concept of courtship and chastity to young people and for encouraging those who are already committed to its principles.
from the official


Younger children, about 8-10…although very beautiful, a young teen might get a case of “That’s a baby book!”


A locket or other “important” piece of jewelry. It does not have to be extremely expensive.


When I was 13 I was mad about James Avery jewelry. Especially their rings. They have a real nice selection of religious themed jewelry. Click here to go to the page of sterling sliver rings.

The Twisted Wire Dangle Ring with St. Teresa shown a little more than half way down the page was one of the ones I wanted but never owned (it’s a bit more expensive than some of the others). I had several silver “dangle rings”, with all sorts of different charms, I absolutely adored them. I don’t wear them anymore, but that’s mostly because they had charms of rainbows, “sweet 16”, my high school graduation year, such things like that. I still have them all though! They’re very very well made pieces of jewelry.


My best friend has been wearing and giving JAS for decades. All her nieces, nephews, and godchildren appreciate the fine quality.


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