Gift suggestion for my Sponsor/Godmother?


I was hoping someone might have a suggestion for a gift I could give to my Godmother. I am completing the RCIA process and will be baptized at the Easter Vigil. I would just like to show her my appreciation and want to give her an appropriate gift.
Thank you!


Don’t be surprised if your Sponsor has a card and/or gift for YOU. You are the one celebrating the occasion.

I do understand your desire to thank your Sponsor for their time and encouragement, especially if they’ve been going to RCIA with you. Perhaps a nice gift certificate to a restaurant or Catholic book store?


I would suggest something simple yet memorable…a picture frame of the two of you and a nice heartfelt letter.


Another thought that occured to me would be perhaps a rosary or a rosary bracelet. They are always lovely and not always that expensive. I’m also seen some in Things Remembered with a silver box. That way, you could have it engraved if you like.



A nice medal of her saint is always nice, and relatively inexpensive.


Another good idea, along that same line, would be a Miraculous Medal if she dosn’t have one or a Cross.



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