Gift Suggestion for RCIA Graduate


My wife is graduating from RCIA tomorrow night and I would like to pick up something small and simple for her as a gift. Any recommendations? The easy thing would be a cross to wear but I gave her one over a year ago when she decided to join the church and she wears it all the time. I would like to get her something different.

Any one have any suggestions?


Does she have her own Rosary? That seems simple and appropriate. You could go to a bookstore or online and let her pick out one she finds beautiful.

Or, if she’s not as close to Mary . . . maybe a prayer book? Or a missal?

My RCIA sponsor is giving me a weekend at a retreat house as my gift. That might be good too.


They actually gave her a rosary, a cross, and a bible as well as a couple of other books. Its been a great program. But that’s why I’ve been struggling with a gift for her.


What about a little cross to always wear as jewelry?

Or if she’s taking the name of a particular saint at her Confirmation, maybe a medal of that specific saint as jewelry?


Christian Prayer (and the promise to pray the office with her every day)

A medal of her Confirmation Saint to wear with her cross would also be nice.


The medal is a great idea!! I love it. thanks!


I am a sponsor and I am giving my candidate a silver rosary bracelet with her Confirmation saints medal.


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