Gift suggestions for godmother who is not practicing

I’m trying to find a good gift for my sister for Mother’s Day - she is my son’s Godmother, although she has sort of fallen away from the faith unfortunately. It’s a complicated issue that I don’t quite understand and I’m quite certain that it may have something to do with her husband’s upbringing (I think his family practiced an unusual, very strict interpretation of christianity - I don’t know much about it other than the fact that it left a very bad taste in his mouth and he is very strongly against practicing any sort of worship).

Anyway, I want to help my son choose a gift that is thoughtful and also gently reminds her of her role as his Godmother. Any suggestions? I really don’t want it to be preachy or anything, but I am also uncertain as to whether or not she really understands that she does have a role at all. I know this is all stuff I should have thought about when we chose her, but I didn’t understand as much about the faith back then as I do now, not to mention I really didn’t get the full extent of her situation at home.

I do know that she believes though.

Any ideas? Maybe a photo frame with some sort of inscription of what a godmother is to a child? where would I find something like that? Or a book about Godmothers? that would be even better?

What do you think?

awww - no ideas at all? :frowning:

How old is your son? In other words, would this gift be from you through him or from him? If he is old enough, take him to a Catholic book store (or website) and let him pick something out. If he is young, maybe a picture book would work; the card could say something about him being eager for her to read it to him when he visits. If he is older, like in his teens, he might choose a piece of jewelry with Catholic symbolism.

Whatever you get, I think it would be a nice touch to find a card that mentions the special bond between a child and his godmother. Then have him write or dictate a message about how special she is to him and how much he is learning about his faith.

This year I’m getting the godmothers of my kids a magnetic photo frame that says I heart my Godmother. And a ceramic bowl I bought from a pottery student. I’ve had a hard time finding gifts for godmothers and an even harder time for godfathers.

Thanks so much for the suggestions!

So I came across a beautiful ruby crystal rosary with an inscription “Godmother, pray for me” on it. My son’s birthstone is a ruby, and when I found this, I just knew it was perfect! I decided to get something similar for my two other children’s Godmothers as well - with their birthstones as well. It took some searching (to find reasonably priced pearl and emerald rosaries!!!),but I’m really happy with what I’ve found, and I think they are great gifts for any Godparent!! (my kids are all little - that’s why I did the shopping;).

I think I’ll include some sort of Godparent book or chicken soup for the catholic soul book or something - probably just for my sister - something to encourage her in her faith, but nothing pushy.

thanks again!!

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