Gift suggestions for new Eagle Scout


I am hoping I can get some suggestions for a gift we need to buy a young man (16) non-Catholic, that will become a Eagle Scout this weekend.

He is very good friends with our son and he has invited our family to his reception, which will be held at the local country club. This young man goes to our local Catholic high school with our son, and comes from a very wealthy family.

I guess I am at odds on what to by a young man, that obviously can buy anything for himself and needs nothing. On a good note, he does not flaunt his wealth or acts spoiled in any way. He is a very driven young man and excels in pretty much everything he does. He’s heavily into sports and is currently restoring an old truck with his father.

Any suggestions will be truly appreciated as I am running out of time! :o


What about a camping knife, the kind you can use to get smaller pieces of firewood?


I attained the Rank of Eagle scout when I was a child and their are many inexpensive gifts that I received which are very memorable and I still have to this day.

I would suggest some sort of plaque with his name engraved such as the one here:^8^01RTL&

Or as FlyingFish suggested, a pocket knife, maybe with an engraving of his name and year would be nice, this way it stands out from your typical knife you may buy at a store.


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