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Another request for opinions related to my son’s baptism.

Hid Godparents are flying across the country for his baptism and would not allow me to pay for any of their travel expenses. I really want to get them a nice gift/gifts that commemorate the day. Everything I have found at online stores have been…well…cheesey.
Any suggestions?
They are a married couple in their 50’s.


How about a beautiful silver frame, engraved with their names, the godchilds name and date of the Baptism.

With the ease of digital photography, you can take a digital picture at the Baptism of godparents and child, stop at Walgreens or Wal Mart on the way from the Church and get the photo printed for the frame.


Really, I don’t think you need to give them anything. I understand that you are thankful and appreciative to them for flying out but … wow!

I flew out for my Goddaughter’s baptism in June, and bought her a gold crucifix. I felt so honoured to be her Godmother that I didn’t at all think anyone should be thanking ME for anything.

I did get a mug with my Goddaughter on it for Christmas. I thought it was fantastic. The Godparent of your child is definitely one of your children’s biggest fans besides you and the grandparents, so if you absolutely neeeeeeed to give them something, besides the amazing honour of being their Godparents, something commemorative of the event or something with their photo in it is super.


I have been scouring the internet all day for a baptism gift for my grandaughter and everything does look cheesey, I would be open to suggestions, I also want to send something to the godparents (my other children) and am drawing a blank.


I will second this one… Great suggestion!


My sister was my son’s godmother and when she came down, I scheduled an appointment with a photographer to have their picture taken together, with my son dressed in his baptism clothes. The pictures came out great and made a nice keepsake for all of us. We just went to the Picture People for that.


I know that I don’t “neeeeeed” to get them anything…I want to…it is the way I was raised. My mother also taught me that when you ask a favor of someone you should make sure your appreciation is noted. Certainly a dish of cookies is often more than sufficient, but when someone is spending hundreds of dollars I think I would feel better doing just a little more. I am deeply appreciative for what they are doing.


Love it!


Well you are just super sweet and thoughtful!


My husband and I are godparents to our granddaughter. Our daughter gave us each a pewter bookmark. One says, “godmother” and one says " godfather".


When my youngest was baptised I got her godparents a little framed verse that I found in Leaflet Missal. It’s a neat little saying about godparents.

Another good idea I’ve heard is to have them enrolled in a mass intention that says a mass for them once or enven every so often. I’d love that!

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