Gift suggetions anyone?


Okay, I was trying to figure out what thread to post this on and this lseemed like the most logical.

I am struggling with what to get my son for his First Eucharist, which he will celebrate at the end of this month.

I wanted to get him a new Bible but not sure which one to get. I want him to start becoming familiar with scripture so that he can find things on his own.

He is reading at a pretty high level for his age, (maybe 6th grade) so I don’t want to get him something too simple. The sales lady at our local Catholic goods store suggestion the Teen Study Bible, but the helps seem a bit mature for an 8 year old.

Any thoughts?


No… get him a real adult bible.
I think investing in a nicely bound adult version is a wonderful gift.

I remember receiving my bible when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, and I still use the same one to this day. But unfortunately it’s a paperback version, and it’s starting to fall apart (cover is torn, etc)…

I think investing in a nice leather-bound bible would be an awesome gift.


When my cousin received his First Eucharist, I gave him a beautiful leather bound journal and a very nice (but not terribly expensive) pen. I told him it was for recording his thoughts and prayers and wishes in his life, and that it was a beautiful book because all the things he would write in there would be precious and worthy of such a binding. He totally loved it (he’s a very intellectual kid anyway)! He did receive many many religious things that day, and I wanted to give him something that would compliment those items in a way that he could remember the day, and days to follow.

My aunt tells me that he still journals, and it’s been 6 years now.



When DS had First Eucharist his Godmother bought him a nice Rosary. It is not a “kiddie” Rosary, but a well made smaller Rosary with nice black beads and a centerpiece containing a drop of water from Lourdes.

That was 10 years ago, DS has had other Rosaries come and go, he hangs on to that one. It is in his pocket every day. It really means something to him.

I say go with a more adult gift, something he can cherish for a lifetime :thumbsup:


I bought all my children (of course they are all out on there own)the dvd of The passion of the Christ. I just resently bought the New American Bible. All in all I think it would be okay for him he may need help once in a while but there is good in that also because it keeps the family together discussing the bible. So If you do get him a new bible no mater which one you choose it seems to be the whole family gets a gift too…God Bless and congrats:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Whatever bible you do buy him, don’t buy Godd News For Modern Man and one of the “teen” bibles. If he reads on the 6th grade level, get him a NAB or Approved RSV.

We got our granddaughter a “grown up” pearl rosary, a missal, and a coverish thing to store it all.


For my cousins’ First Communion I gave them an adult Bible with their name and date of their First Communion engraved on it. I also wrote an inspirational quote on a blank page inside.

I also think that a sterling silver rosary is a wonderful idea. If you get a rosary make sure to get something that will last a long time.

God bless


Thank you all for your suggestions. You have been more help than you know.

I think I will get the adult Bible. I might get him a good Rosary too. He’s got a bunch of the plastic ones and a really nice big wooden one he got from his 5 year old religious ed. class, but I think I might make him one from some nice glass beads. (I’ve made several Rosaries including mine so I know it will last.)

Thanks again!:tiphat:


You are welcome, And what a wonderful idea to make him a home made rosary That is something he will treasure forever…Bless you:thumbsup:


The Bible idea is very nice but also consider a nice book of the lives of the saints.

Many Saints led lives that were exciting, especially to children. There are stories of miracles, temptations, fighting for God, Eucharistic devotion, etc. I have seen some lively leather bound copies and have purchased them for First Communion gifts.


When I made my first Communion, my mom took me downtown to the big Catholic store. I got to pick out my own rosary, missal, and holy card. She did the same for my brothers and sister. I still remember it as a very exciting day.


I would get him a nice rosary and then a lovely bible.
I would recommend:
the Catholic Study Bible
The New Catholic Answer Bible
Prove it: Catholic Teen Bible
Father McBride’s Teen Catechism: Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church
The Baltimore Catechism 1, 2, or 3


If he doesn’t have a nice adult rosary or bible, they are great ideas - especially a bible whose first entry is the record of this very special event. For Easter my daughter received the usual candy and some craft projects and a book on the saints (57 Stories of Saints - She’s had that book all over the house and it’s getting more attention than the candy and crafts!!

For her First Communion, I’m looking for a nice book of prayers and perhaps some DVDs on the saints - seems a few of mine have relocated to her shelf in the DVD rack at home.


I would not get a rosary with crystal or glass beads for a boy. Either a nice wooden rosary with black or dark brown beads would be nice and very masculine too. Here’s a link to a nice black rosary that is for First Communion.


Thanks for your advise. Unfortunatley, we are in a real financial bind right now. I really can’t afford to buy a rosary of the quality that I’d want. If that is what I decide on as a gift I will have to make it myself. He would prefer something with color,( his favorite color is green) so I will try to find some good quality green beads.


Try this site. They will give you a free rosary (made of twine), and they will send you instructions on how to make your own. You could also PM Zooey, a CAF member who makes rosaries for this organisation.


I also recommend a bible and a wooden rosary. My daughter is also a very advanced reader, but she LOVES her Children’s Bible in 365 stories. The stories of the Bible are meant to be read at bedtime, one a night for a year. Fun reading for her! She grows in faith and learns to know and love the most famous Bible stories. We will be at Mass and she will say “I know this one!” Please look into used bookstores for older copies of Bibles.


I won’t give you anything concrete, but maybe get him something that will stay with him for the rest of his life? Something that won’t stop being current when he’s a man, not a boy? On the other hand, he has every right to be a boy and he had better get the most out of that period, so you might actually want to make that period slightly richer by your gift. I guess my advice is useless then. :wink:


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