Gifting Rosaries

I feel lately when I have been walking around town that God is calling me to give someone a Rosary and teach them how to pray it. Now I don’t think that there is anything wrong with doing this, but I wanted to get some other opinions too. Would it be an issue if the person was not Catholic or maybe not even Christian and I gave them a Rosary?

God Bless!

Not a thing wrong, as long as they are receptive and will not abuse the Rosary or wear it like jewelry. Giving them a good Rosary booklet will explain what they might forget in your absence. Some contact info, such as a dedicated email address might also help for follow up contact (them with you, of course).


I actually just bought a couple booklets off of amazon earlier today for that exact purpose!

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That is what I did. A friend wants to convert now after I gave him link to our church mass on fb. He has watched it since it started, watching ewtn. I gifted him a Rosary and a booklet. He met with my priest, and told him he wants to convert from Methodist to Catholic :pray:

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I think that would be a very good thing to do.

I believe that’s one of the “tactics” (forgive the word) of St. Paul Street Evangelization: offer a rosary to random strangers to get people engaged in conversation.

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