Gifts and talents for Priesthood

Dear Forum, again im here posting on the vocations forum. :smiley: .

If I analyize my gifts/talents, I think they match for Priesthood. Here I will list them, and then tell me what you think:

Apparently, from other people, my voice is clear and calm to listen to :shrug:

I would love to preach, as sometimes i do kind of daydream about standind up on the Pulpit and preaching. In fact, I sometimes formulate the “homily” inside of my head :blush:

I would consider it THE HONOR of honors, for me, a miserable sinner, to hold the most pure, tender BODY OF CHRIST (i get goosebumps over this one, and sometimes I feel unworthy)

Also, to help my Brother or Sister in CHRIST, who is struggling, just like me, in Confession, and to pronounce the words of Absolution over them, WOW!, and to lift them from the muck, to freedom from sin, all through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.

TO visit the dying person, to be there for them in their last moments, to help prepare my “sheep” to meet the TRUE SHEPERD in Heaven. To anoint them, absolve, give them VIATICUM, pray over them, bless them, and watch the soul ascend to the LORD, accompanied by the saints and angels.

Or Baptism, to welcome another Family Member into our ever growing family, to bring them into the ARMS of JESUS and the Family of the Church. How awesome!!

I love my Faith, with a passion, that is precisley why i want to be a Priest, i love the Church, My Papa Benedict, All she teaches is perfect and sound, the fullness of TRUTH, and i want people to hear that SAVING TRUTH, JESUS CHRIST

I Love people, I love souls and I want to save at least two souls. Mine and someone elses, I want to see souls make it to heaven, to give up the carnal and passing passions, for JESUS CHRIST.

above all…

I LOVE MY LORD. I love HIS SACRED HEART, Present for me and you inside a little Gold Box, day and night 24/7, the KING Of KINGS, Clothed and Robed in glory and power, inside the Tabernacle, WOW, WHAT A GIFT!! :highprayer::signofcross::byzsoc::crossrc::harp::gopray2:

I think, at the end of the day, a good priest will have exactly the same qualities as a good biological father will have (and vice versa). I don’t believe there’s any real way to know if you’re called to married life or the priesthood by simply examining your personal virtues. Determining what your call is requires discernment, prayer, patience and possibly some spiritual direction! :slight_smile:

while these are all great gifts and talents you speak off please don’t use your talents as a measure for what path you take in life. I think they can help out in your discernment but be careful about putting to much weight on them. God takes our strengths and our weaknesses and makes us into the perfect person for the will he has for us. Some of the most quite guys you would ever meet in high school become some of best priest. Some of the wildest and out there kids in high school become some of the best priest. IF you realize maybe the gifts and talents I have wouldn’t make a good priest but I feel a strong call to the priesthood, go to the seminary because the seminary will develop the talents you need to be an effective priest.

God bless.

I suggest you talk with your priest. I’m sure he can get you in touch with the diocesan vocations director. There are lots of resources like Vocation Boom Radio on EWTN. I have heard of retreats for vocations. Start looking. Best wishes.

What’s the best way of holding the most amount of water in your hands? Cup them and hold them loosely. Clench your fingers, hold on too tightly and you lose the water.

The impression you give is of someone trying desperately to clench onto an image of what it means to be holy.

Lighten up! Le go and let God.

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