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Hello Everyone:
My church is having a Confirmation Mass soon, and we’re presenting our parish priest, deacon and teachers with gifts (a chausable for the priest, a stole for the deacon and scrapbooks of the year for the teachers). I was wondering if there was any traditional gift to give the bishop (as the celebrant of the sacrament). I remeber I went to a anniversary Mass where a bishop was celebrating and flowers were given to him. Is this the correct gift or is there anything more traditional?

You could give him a mitre. Or, if that’s too expensive, then give him a chasuble as well. He also might like a prayer book, or bible.

Crozier, what he carries around, is an idea, but they’re

It is like any other gift, I think. There needs to be a little research into the particular receipients.

The idea of giving vestments is generous and appropriate, but it bears some research. Remember that the bishop travels to a great many parishes while on the “Chrism Trail”. Even a parish priest who has been ordained for many years may have all the stoles and chasubles he can ever use, and then some. You may be bringing coals to Newcastle.

A gift certificate to a particularly nice restaurant is not a bad idea–local to the parish for the priest and deacon, and from the same town or otherwise near to the diocesan Cathedral for the bishop. Make sure there is at least enough on it for each to treat a guest to a nice meal. Clergy who live simply may not tend to buy that kind of thing for themselves. This also takes a little research. If the bishop is vegetarian, it probably wouldn’t do to give him a gift certificate to the best steakhouse in ten states. He may already be taken out to nice dinners more than his doctor would like, too. If the bishop is too round, but does exercise, rounds of golf might be more appreciated. Who knows…he may most appreciate a donation to the diocesan seminary, made in honor of his service. Educating seminarians is not cheap. That donation recognizes what he cares about.

I’m thinking that no matter how many hand-written thank you notes from the confirmandi that a deacon, priest, or bishop ever gets, he would never tire of reading the ones from this year. They give their lives and give up having wife and children so as to bring God into the lives of His people. Being told in clear words that they have been faithful in that is also a great gift. So whatever the class gives him and the rest, including that would be a very nice touch. It might be the most memorable gift he gets all year.

mmm… This is a pickle no doubt about it.:hmmm:

Well some people already said a crosier, and a mitre.

I suggest getting the Bishop a Pectoral cross. Its that Golden Cross that Bishops and the Pope wear around their neck out side of Mass.

Picture(s) of The Pectoral Cross–>


Maybe get him a Magna Cappa. It’s those loooooong Copes/capes that Bishops and Cardinals wear or at least used to wear. Some bishops still wear them but it’s very rare to see them in one. Giving your Bishop one should be a GREAT gift!

Pictures of the Magna Cappa–>


You might consider getting him something unique from one of the Roman shops that have supplied the former Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. You can find them here at:

I purchased skullcaps and clerical shirt fronts. It’s in Italian, but, there is a button you can click that will give you an English translation. They have a special stole marking the Year of the Priest (with the image of St. John Vianney) they also have a matching chasuble. They also sell mitres and such.

I hope this helps.

The annual Catholic Appeal is getting ready to start. Make a Donation to that.

I Agree with you. A magna Cappa would be an awesome gift. It further shows the visible beauty, and authority of the Bishop’s office.

I found this great liturgical store, that sells some of the most beautiful things for the Church, and for Clergy. From Confessional Stoles, to Bishop Gloves, and Fiddlebacks! AND THE BEST PART IS: THERE ARE ALL AT GOOD PRICES!:extrahappy:

HURRY HURRY HURRY! Because their sale wont last.


Most bishops have their own taste for vestments and it is not advisable to purchase same as a gift, unless the bishop’s preferences and willingness to use them are known as an absolute certainty. (This would especially be true for a cappa magna–he may already have one, or he may prefer never to use one.) Most bishops prefer to wear one pectoral cross most of the time, and probably already have one, which may have been a gift from another bishop, a parent, etc.

Somehow a bible or prayer book seems like the last thing anyone but a newly ordained cleric would need, certainly not a bishop.

A book that he is not likely to have might be a better choice, or a gift certificate to a church supply house.

As for the deacon, the stole is certainly fine, but have you considered a dalmatic? Many deacons have only a white dalmatic for major feasts, but no other colors. The dalmatic is the deacon’s normal vestment at Mass, but so many permanent deacons do not have complete sets.

I was considering this, but I wasn’t sure what we could do (the bishop presiding is the Diocese’s Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus, and I’m not too familiar with him).

I would do this also, but the Deacon has a tendency to sweat profusely, so much so that when he can’t make a Mass, the pastor threatens to reinstate the dalmatic :rolleyes:

I’m reminded of a cartoon I saw once.

It showed a Reverend Mother presenting a large wrapped Christmas gift to a Bishop.

The thought bubble over Rev. Mother’s head contained a holy statue. The bubble over the beaming bishop’s head contained a bottle of best whisky.

A very nice picture!

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