Gifts for those entering seminary


I am currently in RCIA and am still learning a lot about the Catholic faith. My boyfriends brother is entering Seminary next month and I was wondering: is it appropriate to get him a gift for this occasion? If so, what kinds of gifts would you suggest?

Thank you!


The Seminary may have a packing list of what he can bring. I’d consult that first to see what limitations there are as to what he can bring and go from there. Maybe a book?


Maybe ask some senior priests if there is anything they would recommend for young priests or people in seminary. Like books to help them through times of doubt, times of dryness, or practical books on the reality of the modern parish, the issues that may come up and how to address them.

EDIT: Maybe something intended for people in social services may work too. People do confide all sorts of things to priests and they are not always equipped to help. But, maybe they will teach that in seminary. I don’t know.


Perhaps have a Mass said for bis intentions.


Liturgy of the Hours, aka Divine Office, aka Breviary. He’ll use it three times a day, at least.
Something he’d probably receive from his parents/family though.

On the more affordable side, a good journal is a nice gift for a new seminarian.


He’ll be taking a lot of notes: a nice pen.


Amazon, Target, WalMart gift cards.


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