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A bit of a back story before I ask a question I have been burning to ask. I was baptized Roman Catholic as an infant, attended Catholic school, made my First Holy Communion, etc. The only thing I did not do was make my Confirmation. My family allowed me to decide for myself whether or not I would want to continue in the Catholic faith. Since then, I have attended a variety of Christian churches to test the waters, so to speak, and see which denomination truly felt like home to me. I have been to Reformed churches, Lutheran Churches, and even Charismatic Non-Denomination churches. The last type of church is where my question comes in. I have recently come home to the Catholic Church and have decided it is time (I am 24 years old now) to become a confirmed Roman Catholic. However, I have to say that I enjoyed some of what I saw at the charismatic churches. I enjoy the contemporary music they use (I listen to contemporary Christian music in my car…as long as it glorifies Jesus Christ and doesn’t go against the Church right? Matt Maher is a great contemporary artist who is Catholic). One thing that I was taken a bit by surprise is their emphasis on gifts of the Holy Spirit. I have a friend and coworker who is extremely charismatic an believes that the Holy Spirit gives us all gifts (i.e. gifts of prophecy, healing, etc.). I guess my question is what is the official Church position on gifts of the Holy Spirit? Are we, as believers of Jesus Christ but not clergy, able to receive gifts of the Holy Spirit? Especially since scripture points out that the God inspires these gifts in everyone (1 Corinthians 4).

Also, on a somewhat different note, how do you (collectively) feel about the Catholic Charismatic movement? (

Please excuse any ignorance on my part here folks. As I said, I have been away from Catholicism since childhood.


Modern Catholic Dictionary

GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. The seven forms of supernatural initiative conferred with the reception of sanctifying grace. They are in the nature of supernatural reflexes, or reactive instincts, that spontaneously answer to the divine impulses of grace almost without reflection but always with full consent. The gifts are wisdom (sapientia), understanding (intellectus), knowledge (scientia), fortitude or courage (fortitudo), counsel (consilium), piety or love (pietas), and fear of the Lord (timor Domini).

GRACE … The gifts of grace are essentially supernatural. They surpass the being, powers, and claims of created nature, namely sanctifying grace, the infused virtues, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and actual grace. They are the indispensable means necessary to reach the beatific vision. In a secondary sense, grace also includes such blessings as the miraculous gifts of prophecy or healing, or the preternatural gifts of freedom from concupiscence. …

The problem with many of the charismatic Protestants and A FEW charismatic Catholics is that they focus too much on trying to finding the rare gifts (which are really miracles) instead of discovering and focusing on the gifts the Holy Spirit gives all of us.

Sometimes we are given gifts to help us or people around us to believe. But we should be looking for miracles. We should focus on what God gave each ofnusnso we are using God’s gifts to the highest.

Note: this isn’t always easy… I’m 38 and I’m still trying to figure out what God wants me to do.

Thanks for your replies! Vico - Thank you for those definitions…they help put things into perspective. Phil19034 - You are absolutely right! We should focus on God’s word to us individually and what He wants for our lives. One thing I am always sure to pray about is that God guides me to do His will in all that I do. I also agree that we should be looking for miracles. I think that miracles can also be small and not always the large things like parting the seas…kinda like how God’s voice can sometimes be as small as a whispering wind!!

And I am 69, and am hoping I figure it out pretty soon. Hopefully I will in the next year.

Here is a thread that contains links to many Church documents about the CCR.

The Charismatic Gifts are given to increase our ability to walk with the Spirit, not by the flesh, and to serve the Church. Each of us has a gift that is meant for the Body, and it is our duty to determine what it is, unwrap it, and put it to use.

Thank you very much for sharing that thread…I am reading through it now. Thanks!

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