Gifts to DH/DW for Christmas?


Do you exchange gifts with DH/DW at Christmas? We haven’t done anniversary gifts, or even birthday gifts in the past, but I gave DH a practical gift for Christmas last year… a little early, though, so I don;t think he knew it was a Christmas gift. I don;t really expect anything from him, since we bought a beautiful nativity scene together this year. I am just wondering how weird we are for not exchanging couple gifts.

BTW, I wouldn’t let him give me an engagement ring either, but he did give me a Rosary from Rome for our first Christmas together (when we announced our engagement to our families).

Anyone else have input?


Usually something practical. However, this year, I told him that I would like a couple of unfinished projects around the house completed:D . My favorite gift of all would be a nice dinner out with dh.


Money is tight for us, so presents are rare and generally inexpensive. This year my husband wanted to play hockey with a group from his work, so we figured out where we could get the money for that. He needed some of his equiptment replaced (since he hadn’t played in years) so I told him we could only replace it if that was his Christmas present and birthday present (his birthday is in March). He agreed.

I did get him something small for under the tree, though.

I have no idea what he is getting me for Christmas, and frankly I don’t care if he gets me anything. My birthday is also 8 days after Christmas. We are building a house after the new year and will have to purchase all new appliances and a lot of furniture we haven’t gotten since being married. I told him he could put whatever money he was thinking about using for Christmas and birthday for me towards that, but I doubt he does. He likes to get me things for Christmas and my birthday, if we can afford it.

We generally don’t give each other anniversary presents, instead we will go out for dinner or just spend some time togther. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, but we will generally give small gifts on birthdays. I wouldn’t even care if we did that, though. To me, spending time together and having a homemade cake is the best anyway.


Last year, I got DH, JPII’s Theology of the Body for Christmas. Not sure what to get this year.

A few years ago, we decided we would put a limit of $20 each for each other and it had to be something meaningful. So it has been rather nice.
Of course, there are always the little things in the stocking as well. Also PJs and some other stuff from DS.


For my B-day last week, I gave dh a leather flight jacket. For his birthday in the spring, he’ll give me something :wink:

We do exchange Christmas gifts, but usually something we’ve specifically asked for. No surprises. —KCT


What the heck is a “DH” and a “DW”?


[quote=DJJG]What the heck is a “DH” and a “DW”?

“DW”/“DH” = dear wife/dear husband

Yes, we exchange gifts but usually something practical though my husband sometimes goves me books.



We usually buy our own gifts. DH always has his 3 or 4 weeks before Christmas. He just can’t wait until Christmas morning. :slight_smile:


It depends. We used to get something as a joint present to ourselves on anniversaries and Christmas. Like, flowers for the front of the house or paint. Then, my husband started getting Christmas bonuses at his job. Now we look forward to surprising each other on Christmas morning. Except this year, we both know what we are getting. That’s OK, because I am getting the mixer I have wanted for 10 years! The surprise will be which color I get! :smiley: We spend so little on ourselves all year long, we kind of look forward to Christmas when we get to have a little something we have been longing for. Why should the kids have all the fun? :wink:


I used to stress big time about what to get my wife. As time went by and children kept adding up, we decided not to get each other gifts. We put little treats and stuff in each other’s stockings, but no real presents. If we have a little extra money, we try to do a family gift.

Anniversaries we spare the gifts and spend the money on going somewhere. We exchange cards and that’s it.

B-days are pretty traditional. I still stress about that.


Pira, we do a family gift too. This year it is going to be Catholicopoly!! :smiley:


At the beginning of Nov. this year, we saw an interesting Play Station game and decided to buy it for our joint Christmas present :slight_smile: But it was First Saturday, and after confession, we decided to open it up and play as our “clean soul” celebration :stuck_out_tongue: We spent many hours in the evening this month playing together, and it was such a wonderful, light-hearted thing to do together after our son went to bed! Now that we finished the game, we miss it!


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