Gilligan`s Island

I was just watching Gilligan`s Island online for the first time since I was a little kid and I noticed that Mary Ann is so much nicer looking than Ginger. Is it just me or is that supposed to be the case, or maybe I am mistaken.

So you didn’t like the “beauty mole” either?

I was from the mid-west and I always thought Mary Ann was better looking than that “hollywood hot stuff”… I’m sure that was the idea, even back then. “Beauty vs. beauty”…:wink:

This would be a good poll question.

Everybody I knew growing up thought Mary Ann was prettier than Ginger. It was a wholsome beauty.

Oh, yeah, Mary Ann all the way. Ginger did nothing for me.*

In a similar vein…

*]Betty over Veronica (Archie Comics)
*]Bailey Quarters over Jennifer Marlowe (WKRP)
*]Janet over Chrissy (Three’s Company)
*]Deborah van Valkenburgh over Lydia Cornell (Ted Knight’s two “daughters” on his last sitcom)
Wholesome and/or brainy is far more attractive than just “looks”.

*Literally. I hired her as to do some odd jobs, she did nothing for me.

Yeah, Mary Ann was cuter. And I agree, Bailey over Jennifer from WKRP.

Hasn’t Mary Ann won every single poll on this question?

Hey, how about a favorite Gilligan’s Island moment thread?:newidea: I’ll get one started.

Well I’m female, but I’d rather have Maryann as a friend, Ginger was too self involved, and I couldn’t imagine her being helpful at all. Can you imagine poor Maryann, stuck with all the cooking and cleaning, because Ginger and Mrs. Howell weren’t pulling their weight?


Hey, another observation, when they put on their little shows and plays, weird how Ginger’s trunk mysteriously had costumes that fit her and Mary Ann.

Poor Mary Ann

‘Gilligan’s’ Mary Ann caught with dope

:frowning: Although if she wants to do community service and cook a pie at my house, that would be fine. :smiley:

*]Velma over Daphne (Scooby Doo Where Are You?)

Makes passes at girls who wear :nerd:

Oh, yeah…forgot about her!:slight_smile:

Sorry guys…I gotta go Daphne on that one. :slight_smile:

Mary Ann just got busted for drugs in her car. Her mug shot made me weep! She was so good looking in that show. Roanoker

I’m a Chrissy-guy. I love Suzanne Somers. :love:

And Smurfette, where does she fit in in all this? But seriously, In the Facts of Life I always preffered Joe over the rest of them, even Blair, but then maybe I have no taste.

Still looking good even at 69 years old!

Sad story, though.

Must have been growing more on the island other than coconuts.

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