Gilroy: Hundreds flock to see Sign from God

Touch my heart I come home to this after going to see an old friend laid to rest <3

-This family, lives in this home 8 years. Just like any bathroom, it has a light above the mirror, and a bathroom window...they wake up and one day, out of nowwhere, there is this HUGE golden cross reflected on the window, on the OUTSIDE...this light doesnt go away. they switch lightbulbs, in case its a weird light bulb,still doesnt go away. People walk around in the bathroom, between the light and the window, people outside can see their dark shadow, but somehow the light penetrates the solid objects and the cross is STILL reflected...

they set up a little, you know area with flowers, religious candles, and realize that when they pass the religious candles thru the light, instead of them being 'dark shadows' to the people on the outside, they themselves turn into golden crosses!! TRIP OUT...

heres the video from our local news:

what do you guys think???

Interesting. And if it happened in my window, the family, friends and neighbors would all be over trying to figure it out too. If the lights were in the form of a circle, or square, I wouldn't hold any religious significance to them, but they're not. They're crosses causing one to think of any religious meaning to them.

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