Girl, 9, faces being shunned by ultra-Orthodox Jewish group for eating at McDonald's, her father claims


A nine-year-old girl faces being ostracised by an ultra-orthodox Jewish community after her mother allowed her to eat McDonald’s fast food and go to a mixed-sex gymnastics class, a court has heard.

The father of the girl, neither of whom can be named, said that he feared his daughter would be shunned by relatives and friends.

Litigation had started after the girl’s mother left her husband and moved away from the ultra-orthodox sect in London, after she became disillusioned and frustrated by the restrictions placed on her.


What hope do we have in this Crazy world ,


Ultra anythings seems to be the problem today.


It sounds as though you are taking the side of the mother on this. “Ultra” is a matter of perspective. The conservative Jews believe they are being faithful,


I’m pretty sure that some ISIS members believe they are being faithful as well. Now, obviously this is an extreme case, but just because some believe they are being faithful, doesn’t mean what they are doing is good.


Unfortunately it sounds like this will become a legal issue as the mother has left the Father due to such restrictions.

From the article/post

“Litigation had started after the girl’s mother left her husband and moved away from the ultra-orthodox sect in London, after she became disillusioned and frustrated by the restrictions placed on her.”


I hope they don’t. She’s a little girl; she can’t be held accountable for that stuff.


Why would eating at McDonald’s be a problem for ultra Orthodox unless she had bacon or sausage? There are no rules against eating chicken or beef.


Jews can be strict regarding anything dietary. When my Dad was about 12, a Jewish kid had him over lunch. Nobody was home and the kid later told him he got yelled at because the plate my Dad ate off had to be thrown away.


Yeah, around me they can’t even touch you, or rather you cannot touch them. If you by accident touch one of the Jews around here they have to go through this whole process to become clean again. They have all their own medical services, doctors and such, it’s all paid for and taken care of by them so they don’t have to mix with us.

However on a positive note it’s also a really good way to get to the front of the Starbucks line, just start yelling I’m gonna touch you if you don’t move!!!

Lol, I’m kidding of course, or am I???


Just because you believe in something, does not necessarily make it right.


because he was not Jewish or he ate something on the plate that went against their dietary laws?


Because he wasn’t Jewish.


that is ultra strict! :eek:


Whats ‘good’ can be relative, depending on who you talk to and their specific beliefs.

I once heard a interview with a expert in the muslim faith, he said if Mohammad himself was to descend down to earth and start handing out trophies to groups or people that followed the muslim faith the strictest, it would be ISIS and other terrorist groups at the front of the line.

Not to mention, Jesus warned that the world would hate christians just as they hated him, due to their beliefs, kind of strange today the world hates the islamic terrorists due to their beliefs and actions…but one day eventually christians will be in this same boat. Our faith will not be seen as good or right.


With the exposure of the Clinton emails, the obvious bias in the media, government and “hollywood stars” the constant attacks from the Christian fundamentalists, the blatant out right lies spreading all over the internet, the theft and desecration of the Holy Eurcharist, and the persecution of our brothers and sisters overseas are we seen as good or right now?

In fact with the current administrations policies (which are soon to change) I’d say that there is more love for terrorist organizations in the US than for Catholics. Indeed there was a poll recently done where the vast majority of the college kids polled were not concerned with terrorists at all, I forget what they were concerned about and I wish I still had the news article but it was something ridiculous.

I am afraid we are in for a rude wake up call, I’m just sad that Trump will be in office when it happens, this country is so upside down right now it could happen on Jan 21st and he would be blamed. I don’t envy him, the left and their media puppets are going to make him look bad no matter what happens.


All foods must be kosher. In terms of beef or chicken, it means that they must be certified to have been killed in specific manner (single cut across the cartoids and jugular).

In addition, dairy and meat are never cooked together. (Exodus23:19, Deut 14:21). In the case of more conservative Jews, thepans and utensils that are used for dairy are not generally used when beef is served.

So the same grill that is used to make cheeseburgers would be unusable for hamburgers.


If it is at all possible, I believe the liberals hate Trump more than G.W. Bush.


I knew about dairy and meat. Don’t they even have to have two refrigerators?
I didn’t realize chickens had to be killed in a specific manner.


I might be rusty, but I thought a boy or girl weren’t considered responsible for their choices until their bar/bat-mitzvah? I thought beforehand, the responsibility fell on the parents.

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