Girl born a record 22 years after father's sperm is frozen

Let’s see…a teen-aged boy has sperm frozen because he is likely to become sterile. 22 years later, seven little humans are created, with two implanted with one dieing as a result and the remaining five being left in storage. This is a good thing? :frowning:

With comments from readers saying…

That is WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations!!!

Probably the best news of the day. Genuinely life affirming

Blessings all around! What a wonderful inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story with the rest of us… Congratulations on the birth of your lovely daughter!

Astonishing! Beautiful baby girl! Best wishes to all.

**She is amazing! Congratulations! **

Wow! Well done!

I wonder what horrific things we’ll see the populace making similar comments on that we currently find abhorrant as a society some day down the road. :frowning:

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