Girl costs father $80,000 with 'SUCK IT' Facebook post


When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?

Say it, forget it–Write it, regret it.

A college age daughter somehow did not understand the meaning of a CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT.:frowning:


The more I read Facebook, the more I am convinced that it is chiefly a force for gossip, innuendo, narcissism, and just all around bad news. Does anyone value privacy anymore?


Apparently a Dad did not understand a CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT… Did the daughter even know it was confidential?

It was Martin “The Mahatma” Lomasney, a Ward Boss in Boston, who is famous for saying, “If you don’t have to write, say it. If you don’t have to say it, nod. If you don’t have to nod, wink.”


Expensive lesson to learn, but ther was a confidentiality agreement, and it was broken. :shrug:


While it’s legal, I really don’t think that confidentiality agreements should be allowed as part of settlements. It’s just an attempt to hide the truth from the public so that we all can’t make fully informed decisions. The school shouldn’t get to pay off their wrongs and then hide it.


It’s a private school so it’s business dealings are none of the general public’s business.


Gulliver comes out looking pretty bad all around.


Actually, not quite. They are tax exempt, so their financials are a matter of public record. They are required to file IRS form 990 each year which is public information.


What a funny story. Regarding Facebook, more than once have I had a spouse call me to get a divorce on the same day she posts about how wonderful her husband and marriage are. The farce that is Facebook.


I wonder if she’ll be paying for her own college education, now that she’s learned one very tough lesson.


Farcebook :thumbsup:


Haha! My husband and I have said many times that whenever a friend posts about how wonderful her husband and marriage are, it’s a matter of weeks, days, hours, or minutes before a divorce is announced. What a strange medium. No wonder this young girl doesn’t have the social skills to navigate it. Most adults I know don’t either.


I think there’s a point to be made that at least some settlements should be exempted from non-disclosure agreements. I can think of certain examples where they’ve been used to protect some place’s reputation against very serious crimes that people should know about (e.g. schools hiding sexual assault and subsequent mishandling). I am not sure I oppose them in all cases though.


Of course they are, where do they hire employees or get their students? From the public. Anyone considering working for them or sending a child to their school should have the right to know when they’ve broken the law.


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