Girl I'm interested in hasn't talked to me since May

So me and this girl have been talking for a long time, I told her I really liked her a long time ago and she said that we should consider us friends right now and that she would basically give me a chance for it to go further, she said she was flattered. Since then we had been getting along pretty well and I felt like we sort of bonded. I’ve never been mean or anything, I’ve been nice and friendly but not overly nice or needy or anything like that. We had been playing tennis when we had time, since we both played in high school. We were talking through facebook and the last message she sent said:

“…what are you up to? do you want to hit sometime?”

Since then I’ve said yes and have been trying to talk to her and shes been ignoring me, because shes been talking to other people on FB, she hasn’t said anything to me since May 27. I don’t understand what her problem is, she gave no indication that she didnt want to talk to me before? How could you just suddenly ignore someone like that for no apparent reason? Its sooooo frustrating and it really hurts me, I don’t get it! :frowning:

Do you need to have it spelled out in capital letters?


Unless she was wearing your ring, she doesn’t owe you a reason why…

Time to bait a new hook, buddy…

I agree with the PP. Move on. :thumbsup:


These things happen. If she changes her mind, she’ll let you know. Just don’t be too puppy dog about it if she does. Two can play hard-to-get. :slight_smile:

I would say move on. It appears she is not really interested and is reserving you as a “back up guy.” The message she sent you in May could just have been a way to determine if you are still interested in her and once having seen that you are she can promptly forget you again becasue you are the guy that is ALWAYS going to be there. However, I don’t know her or her situation, so I could be wrong in this but, if she was truly interested in you then she probably would have pursued you further by now or at least asked you why you hadn’t responded to her question etc…

Look how lucky you are to discover how thoughtless she can be before you married her and had 53 kids, and then she discovered someone else on DorkBook and quit making dinner, and gave you the cold shoulder, and scratched your new Mustang, and told all your buddies that you cry and make a weird face whenever you…nevermind. Just count yourself lucky.

And then, look at this:

Of that number, about 35 billion somewhat resemble what you are looking for. A couple of 'em aren’t even crazy, and a whole bunch of them are five times better looking than the one ignoring you. Move on already. :compcoff:

She appears to have changed her mind. It’s been too long.

You deserve someone who really cares about you.
You deserve someone who can be honest with you, and who would not treat you so badly as to leave you dangling and hurting.
If she was someone who cares about you and would make a good girlfriend and wife, she wouldn’t just ignore you, she would tell you straight what was happening.

I think you might feel upset if a girl treated one of your family like she’s treated you. Would you hope your family member would try to put her out of his mind? That’s how we feel.We don’t know you, but we don’t like you being treated without kindness and respect.

We really hope you find a girl who loves you very much, honestly and faithfully.
Our best wishes don’t help much at present, do they. You are hurting.
Please God things will get better for you soon. I hope and pray you will find the girl who is best for you

She cut you loose. Upward and onward brother! As crushed as this makes you feel, there is one out there that is perfect for you and you to her. It may not be the next one, but she is out there. Meet a nice girl at church.

Yes, I think this says it all. Better to find out now that she is thoughtless and self-centered than later.

Sorry for bumping an old thread, but shes answered and said that she had a lot going on and wasnt ignoring me on purpose and she still wants us to hit. I don’t understand why it would take her 4 months to say this, how could any one be THAT busy to have taken so long to write something that probably took no more than 2 minutes? Shes recently graduated college and is looking for a job, but still 4 months? What should I do?

She had time to write to other people on FB but not you?

My thoughts exactly… I don’t get it.

She is not interested in you. Probably interested in someone else while you were biding your time.

Dear one,

My guess…she liked you but not as much as perhaps, someone else? She doesn’t hate you obviously, but doesn’t like or respect you enough to contact you for four or five months…that is a long time. Someone else used the term “back up guy” and I am sorry to say that is my impression. It is not hard to send a message on Facebook, she was ignoring you deliberately and did so (evidently) several times.

The real question you want to ask yourself is how do you want to let others treat YOU. Girls will come and go but YOU need to make decisions about how you are going to allow others to treat you. Try not to focus on her so much, focus on yourself. Jesus Christ loved you so much that he suffered and died for you! You are a treasure! You are priceless! You are a beloved child of God that he knew of and planned for since the begining of time!

You need to treat others with respect and be polite, however deserve to be treated with dignity and expect that from others…no need to start a fight with her, simply tell her “I am busy but hope life is treating you well!” and leave it at that. Hope this helps and sorry she didn’t value you and that your feelings were hurt.

One can, especially in formative and busy periods such as finishing a degree. It has happened, although it’s not likely with people who are smitten with each other.

Otherwise if someone, like she, isn’t immediately interested in you but isn’t ruling you out while you’re friends (which is a normal and fair thing), but things happen in his life at a fast pace, that person may be too distracted from social life, let alone any dating, to be keeping up. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Please note that friends from childhood are still friends even if they don’t talk in a couple of years (to address your mention of “bonding”).

Still, let her go.

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