Girl I'm kind of interested in


So there’s this one girl that I really like, but have no idea if she likes me back or anything. Last weekend we both were pretty “flirty” with each other, but the circumstances were a bit auspicious.

Well, since your a man I’ll assume that “this one girl I really like” means that you are physically attracted to her…you find her pretty & appealing. The cerebral & emotional attractions are yet to develop.

(Now don’t go off on me here…) This is your male programming kicking in… an attractive female showing interest in me… biology & hormones will take precedence Your brain & masculinity is telling you “Yup, this one’s a keeper”.

“Getting Flirty” only confirms this. Alcohol is the ultimate social lubricant. Inhibitions are suppressed, and what you’re really thinking comes to the forefront… (Usually to either party’s demise…) but in your case things stayed “clean” and you both probably expressed or said things that you’d normally not.

Dating is a “qualification/elimination” process. You could be hooked up with a super-model gorgeous babe, but she’s dumb as a stump and messed up. Or, the perfect “mom to be” woman is all over you, but is just physically unattractive to you…

You’re trying to find a woman that is physically pleasing and mentally/emotionally compatible to your tastes. This equals Dating. And this whole time the woman is doing this same “qualification/elimination” process to you too!


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