Girl 'in mobster's tomb was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties', claims leading exorcist priest

Well this story has left me stumped - sex parties at the Vatican that were aided by Vatican gendarmes, I can only assume they mean the state/city? The media never ends, there’s something new thrown up every other week.

*The Catholic Church’s leading exorcist priest has sensationally claimed a missing schoolgirl thought to be buried in a murdered gangster’s tomb was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties.

Father Gabriel Amorth, 85, who has carried out 70,000 exorcisms, spoke out as investigators continued to examine mobster Enrico De Pedis’s tomb in their hunt for Emanuela Orlandi.

Last week police and forensic experts broke into the grave after an anonymous phone call to a TV show said the truth about Emanuela’s 1983 disappearance would be ‘found there’.

And although bones not belonging to the mobster were recovered they have not yet been positively identified as hers.

However Father Amorth, in an interview with La Stampa newspaper, said: 'This was a crime with a sexual motive.

'It has already previously been stated by (deceased) monsignor Simeone Duca, an archivist at the Vatican, who was asked to recruit girls for parties with the help of the Vatican gendarmes.

'I believe Emanuela ended up in this circle. I have never believed in the international theory (overseas kidnappers). I have motives to believe that this was just a case of sexual exploitation.*

I wonder if Malachy Martin was correct. He wrote several books that alluded to this sort of misconduct.

I read it and it doesn’t tell us how this priest knows all this, so, unless he was somehow privy to it (which would make me ask questions about him as well…) and can prove what he says, then it sounds to me more like he’s got some sort of mental problem and until and unless there is evidence to prove the case it’s just the Brit tabloid press taking another swing at the Church.

After all…we know how very “objective” they are when it comes to the Catholic Church.

I agree, Fr Armorth has most likely been ‘over-quoted’ i.e. a lot of spin added to his words. I think the media take turns as to who attacks the CC, each month.

Armorth has a history of making crazy comments.

Yes he does, and he seems to let no controversy - real or imagined - go to waste without regarding it as an opportunity to get some publicity for himself, especially if he can “spin” some event in a way to seemingly support any prior statements of his. And to my knowledge, we don’t have a “leading exorcist,” only an increasingly self-promoting senior retired one.

I think one priest may be in need of a trip to a lovely out-of-the-way monastery. :slight_smile:

Speculation that can lead to scandal; mirmering. Let’s wait for the facts to come out in the case.

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