"Girl-oriented" catholic website

Hello everyone,

I’m Meggie, I’m eighteen, and I’m new here, so I hope I’m posting in the right forum! :slight_smile:

Since this is the “popular medias” section, I was wondering if you knew any “girl-oriented” catholic website where I could anonymously e-mail a feminine webmaster about a very personal situation I’m going through. I tried this one girlsheartpoint.ca/ask_sam/ask_sam_intro/# but it doesn’t seem to work.

It means a lot to me. Thank you for helping!


I suggest this blog: catholicyoungwoman.blogspot.com/

I have read her blog for quite some time now and I find her to be a very solid Catholic young woman with good values and beautiful insight.


What a coincidence! It happens that I am an avid reader of “The Catholic Young Woman”, too! :slight_smile:
The problem is, I’ve already posted some comments on her threads, so she kind of knows me… and I really wish to keep my identity anonymous.

But thank you anyway, Liza. God bless you!

You might try Saint Maria’s Messenger:


Thank you, but this magazine isn’t published anymore…:frowning:


That is true, but the website is still maintained as a resource for young Catholic women. From their front page:

“When this website first began, way back in 2003, it was designed as a place to learn more about Saint Maria’s Messenger magazine. The magazine ended in April 2009, but we did not end the website. The apostolate of Saint Maria’s Messenger was to give Catholic girls ages ten-teen a publication they could rely on for learning the Truth and a place to find wholesome entertainment. This apostolate has not been lost, we have converted the website into an online oasis for Catholic young ladies – and it is all FREE.”

Why dont you just go under a new nickname and ask one of the ladies here in the forums apologestic site? It is what I would do in your place. or just ask one of the ladies under this name that you are using. I know they wouldnt mind and they keep things very private between you and them. Just go to the Ask Apologestic site and find a lady to ask and send her a private message. They arent here to judge you. They are here to give answers and help you.

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