Girl’s drink spiked with abortion pill


HOLLIDAYSBURG — State police are helping Williamsburg, Blair County, authorities find whomever spiked a pregnant teenage girl’s drink with a drug used to abort pregnancies in cows, a drug they think was stolen from a Williamsburg farm, according to a release.
The pregnant girl’s beverage was tainted with Prostamate sometime between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. March 31 at Williamsburg High School, police said. Troopers are considering the act an aggravated assault upon the girl and her unborn baby, police said.
State police think whomever was responsible was trying to abort the girl’s unborn child, the release indicates.
The drug and a syringe also were reported stolen from a farm in Huston Township, Blair County, police said.
The investigation is continuing.


What a truly awful and evil act. I hope the girl and her baby are going to be okay.

There isn’t a lot of information yet, but the police believe several people were involved in this terrible crime:

State police in Hollidaysburg say several people tried to hurt an unborn child by making a Williamsburg girl drink an agricultural chemical.

Apparently, this is not the first time something like this has happened in the US.

What source is centredaily? Just curious.

it’s the local paper, just like the sacramento bee.

Here’s the great “choice” legalized abortion has given us. :mad:

Huh? :confused:

I don’t understand the connection between spiking a drink with a veterinary drug and legal abortion.

[quote=anamchara]What source is centredaily?

Its the website of the Centre Daily Times, the local paper for Centre County, Pennsylvania.

Rand was being ironic. This girl wasn’t presented with a choice whether she would keep her baby or not- someone tried to make the decision for her.:mad: :rolleyes:

Legalized abortion has little or nothing to do with this. The girl was given a drug intended for cows. This could have happened even if abortion and drugs like Mifepristone were illegal.

Are the cows milked while the drug is in their blood? If so, we are all getting our drinks spiked with it.:eek:

I was being ironic, as the poster directly above you said. Everyone talks about abortion being a choice, but this girl had it forced upon her.

In Christ,

Wow, that is truly sick. There was a case here a couple of months ago where the boyfriend took the pregnant girlfriend out for a romantic drive where they stopped at a scenic overlook. Turned out it was just a set up and he had arranged to have two guys come and beat her up, hoping she would lose the baby. Thankfully she didn’t. It just goes to show how horribly, evilly selfish some people can be.

Weelll- I don’t completly agree- I think that legalized abortion on demand has made some people in general -especially some men- think that they are OWED responsiblity-free sex-
It may be all subconcious but I think it’s thought that if the birth control doesn’t work-and the woman gets pg anyway=then the woman will get rid of it, right? After all that’s what RoeV Wade was suppossed to do, right? Make sex more free?
But sometimes the woman doesn’t want to get rid of it-she want’s to keep it- and the man knows that then he has no “choice” he’s going to be a dad and be responsible for this kid for the next 18 to life- so he’s going to MAKE it go away, darn it- whether she wants to or not.
THAT is why, IMO we are seeing so many murders of pregnant women, so many men buying RU486 off the internet and putting it in their(girlfriends) food/drinks, ect.
That’s the rotten fruit of the Sexual Revolution- We were promised
"free sex" we are going to get it(they think)

So its not murder if the mother decides to abort the fetus!!!

Can someone explain the logic here?

A person is only a person when they are wanted?:confused:

that’s the dichotomy
there is no logic

It’s not totally irrelevant… The whole abortion movement completely hinges on the pretext that the unborn baby is not a viable human life (only a “choice”), and that therefore no moral wrong is committed by having an abortion. If you follow this to its logical conclusion, it would mean that the person who slipped that girl the abortion pill really didn’t do anything wrong.

A pro-choice person would have quite a few responses to this, primarily that it is the woman’s choice, not some other person’s. That’s the idea behind “choice”–it’s her body, her choice.

Oh sweety. Where do you THINK milk comes from? It’s the same as it is with humans. You have to have given birth in order to lactate meaning cows are impregnated CONSTANTLY. They don’t always bring the calfs to term. instead they abort them, and we take the milk that was going to be fed to the calf OR the let the calf be born and sell it as veal.
I can’t drink milk, it always breaks me out. But I never really liked it anyway. Any kind of dairy will make me ill.

True but I’m thinking as long as it didn’t do any serious damage to her body, then it can’t even come close to a murder charge. Maybe some kind of property arguement.

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