Girl’s drink spiked with abortion pill

I know, but there’s a bigger issue here. There is absolutely no “choice” in the first place, unless you take for granted that the unborn baby is not a human life. Under these assumptions, you can make the case that the mother was violated in some way, but it would be hypocritical for a pro-“choice” person to call the unborn baby a victim in all this.

Yet it’s the child’s body (cells), not the mother’s, being killed.

It has nothing to do with the men thinking they are owed free sex. Actually the whole idea of abortion rights is based on the idea that women are ‘owed’ free sex. In other words according to this arguement men were free to have sex with as many people as they liked and when ever they liked before but women were not so consequently the woman must have the right to do with her body as she wills. She must be able to control her reproduction so that she can have free sex.

You are right in the fact that that was the way it “sold” to the women’s movement-in order to have free sex women must be able to control their reproduction- and indeed the old double standard was not fair at all to women- but in fact- I think that the sexual revolution in general and abortion in particular has been to the benefit of men being able to have their cake and eat it too.( and I would argue that women and children have suffered the most from the sexual revolution).

I would agree mostly. I don’t know if it has been to the benefit of men in any way. You could argue that women have been given the same ability to have their cake and eat it too. I don’t see how it is any different for the woman. The only way she doesn’t have her cake and eat it too is if she doesn’t have the abortion but then if that is the case neither does the man because he is responsible for the child as well.

I certainly agree that women and children have suffered from it. The whole idea of abortion is contrary to human dignity. Consider the fact that the idea of the person - which is a Christian concept - is that we are oriented toward the other. We are called to communion. That communion is essentially love. We can not be defined in a vacuum, but only in relation to others. Considering this the woman who has an abortion undermines her personhood at its very essence. She kills the other. She is called to love but she does not. Abortion and personhood are contradictory.

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