Girl Scouts quit or stay in


My daughter has been to one meeting at the girl scouts because there is nothing else in our area. She really wants to give it a try, but I’m not sure. I already took her out of it from what I’ve heard. I was wondering if people thought it was OK?


I’ve got a few concerns regarding the girl scouts, but if they are the only scouting organization available and your daughter really wants to do it, I would agree under strong supervision, making sure the troop activities are acceptable. The only concern then is the dues. A chunk of the dues you pay goes to the international associations of girl scouts and girl guides, which is a group that promotes abortion.


what are your concerns


Primarily abortion, but also the transgender movement. I don’t want my daughter to be a part of that. I wondered if anyone here had a daughter in the scouts.


the girl scouts have a statement supporting abortion?


I’m not making light of your dilemma but I remembered Mrs. Kim from Gilmore Girls… the only one I know to be really strict but yet very beloved by all.

I used to think it’s awful for Lane (the daughter) to endure Mrs. Kim’s strict rules especially with her Korean Christianity faith… then I realized over the time?

Lane is better prepared to meet the world because she learned through her strict upbringing. It’s possible to balance between strictness & flexibility but in the end? Lane must fly away free from home.

I’m not afraid of the world but…

I’m not a parent…


I’m not responsible for anyone but myself.

I asked one US Senator’s employee about the organizations & greek frats etc… They don’t care about the affiliation… it meant nothing unless you’re seeking to network with any orgs or Greek etc.

Networking? Make sense

Morality? Depends

Experience? Once in a lifetime… no rewind option

Just tell her the truth once she is old enough to understand then she may realize the depth & agony you went through with the GS decision.


What did you hear?

Why does it matter what people on this forum think?


Talk to the troop leader.


Your daughter could join the Boy Scouts. I personally think they do a lot more than the Girl Scouts anyway, at least with outdoor skills like hiking and camping. And they don’t sell cookies. :roll_eyes:

On a more serious note–would you consider getting your daughter involved in something like 4-H, which is offered not only out in the farming communities, but also in towns and cities.

I love the 4-H organization! I think it offers children and teens so many opportunities to try new things. And I love the way they get involved with the county and state fairs.

Also, there are various Catholic girls’ clubs, although I know nothing about them. Maybe there is one in your area that you could check out.


Take her out of the Girl Scouts and find something more wholesome.


There’s an organization called Little Flowers. It’s very similar to Girl Scouts but it is specifically for Catholic girls. If you attend a church you might see if your pastor would be opening to your parish starting a group.


Yes, your best bet is to talk to the local troop leader about your concerns. The experience varies greatly from place to place. Much depends on the local leadership. People sharing their experience on the forum might not apply to your local troop at all.


Oh good grief!!! Of course it doesn’t “matter what people on this forum think,” but it’s interesting to get different viewpoints. Why do you think people come here?


Thank you for this response, I thought it was a little rude how it was answered. Thank you to everyone who answered me. I take everyone’s input it helps me to make my decision. I have a tbi so I get hard sometimes and there’s no one here to talk to.


I think the girl scouts are great. I will tell you why. Especially if your daughter is primarily around Catholics, it gives her an opportunity to socialize and experience relationships with people from backgrounds different from her own. Our troops always have adults who volunteer so there is a lot of supervision. And of course, it is just plain fun. For whatever reason, it is my experience that cliques aren’t really tolerated in scouts, so it is good “girl time” without that added preasure.

Hopefully you have good, open communication with your daughter so if anyting comes up she (or you) want to discuss as a result of her being in the scouts you can sort things out, together. And as an aside, I have never once heard abortion being discussed at a girl scouts gathering. I don’t think you need to worry about that (unless one of the other girls brings it up as side talk; if so, see the first sentence of this paragraph.


I tend to sympathize with you when it comes to Girl Scouts. I think it’s awful how this club has been taken over by liberal-leaning women.

I think that some people believe if they start up a troop and run it with Christian values, that they can move up the power ladder and eventually knock out the liberal women and get the Girl Scouts back on track again. I really hope they’re right. Or perhaps they think that they can fly under the clouds and run a Girl Scout troop with Christian values and no support for abortion.

But what I honestly think is that they’re kidding themselves. I think the current liberal leaders of the Girl Scouts have no intention of allowing their “training ground” for girls to be taken over by “Christians” (dripping with contempt).

But I really do hope that I’m wrong and Christians can re-capture this hill.

In the meantime, if you can’t find another wholesome club run by good women, and you can’t bring yourself to get involved with the Girl Scouts, remember, you and your daughter(s) could always start your own club and have a ball doing lots of activities that Girl Scouts do, including cookies–but you could GIVE them away instead of charging so much! :grinning:


Most of the troops are sponsored by schools and are generally only as diverse as the school itself. Until fairly recently, most Catholic parishes and schools had troops.


We had a troop in our Catholic school that kids outside of the parish were invited to attend. It seems to still be that way here. It may be different in other geographical areas, though.


Could be fake news. But back when we were more involved with the political side of the anti-abortion movement, we heard plenty of stories about Girl Scouts and liberal leanings.

I wish this were not true. But we shouldn’t be naive out of nostalgia over our own sweet memories of camping and singing “Make New Friends” and the circle of hand squeezes, either. Just because Girl Scouts was once a Christian-friendly organization doesn’t mean it still is.


Yeah. You’d need an edict from the pope himself to get the parents at our Catholic schools to let an outside kid into their troop. My own sister’s troop didn’t want me in it because I was a “public school kid”. Don’t you know that the whole point of sending your kid to a fiscally exclusive school is to keep them away from riff raff?

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