Girl Scouts?


I apologize if this has already been asked, but are the Girl Scouts still bad? I just had two adorable girls come to the door and ask if I wanted to buy cookies, I had to tell them no because they support bad things. I felt horrible but could t bring myself to do it. Can anyone tell me if the Girl Scouts are still bad in 2016?


Well it depends on what bad is… Do they still support pp. yes. But so do a lot of things. This in particular is one boycott I have given up on. Call it thin mint weakness.
That being said, I might buy cookies, I would not put my daughters in the organization.


I totally feel your struggle. I was asked today to buy, and I said no… Felt so bad (yet also confident in my decision).


The girls only get to keep 50 cents per box sold for their troop. The organization has started allowing confused boys to join.

I will not buy ANY cookies…and anyway, there are copycat recipes online. The cookies are full of junk, but copy cat recipes can be controlled by ingredients.


I don’t see that any girl scout money goes to planned parenthood, only that some troops may use planned parenthood materials for education purposes. So I don’t see what the problem is in buying the cookies.


Actually, any local grocery store sells Keebler Grasshopper cookies that are, at least to me, just like the thin mints I used to just love so much.


While I can appreciate your dilemma, I’m not sure it was your place to tell 2 little girls that the organization they belong to supports “bad things”. The two little girls probably have no knowledge of what you are talking about, and certainly are not aiding and/or abetting whatever the organization might be doing.

And, I realize you can’t undo what you’ve done, and that it wasn’t done with malice, but If you are so inclined to speak on the matter again, you should probably take it up with adults active in the organization, or with the parents of these two, and not with the little girls.


These two little girls will probably ask their mother what this meant. Their curiosity would definitely have been piqued. But for a good reason. They should know, and be told delicately, but by their own mother, if she chooses.


I actually thought of this, and that’s why I worded it like I did. I knew that talking about abortion or other things would of been wrong. I was hoping they would tell their parents what I said and hopefully make them think about things. It was also in the 20’s out and I felt they shouldn’t of been letting 2 very young girls go door to door. So who knows, I only did what I thought was best, but then second guessed myself like I always do.


In future, a simple “No, thank you,” will suffice.


I imagine if their parents are thinking anything, it’s along the lines of, “Telling two little girls who are selling cookies that they support bad things…what a jerk.”

Somehow, I doubt that’s the thinking you were aiming for.


Evil incarnate.


Exactly! The cookies aren’t made from real Girl Scouts!!!


Right; I’d say you have to weigh two things: the organization does “bad things” according to your or my religious beliefs, but the two girls have nothing to do with that and it’s a question whether it’s fair to punish them.


Also, the Girls Scouts USA organization has no formal ties with PP, and takes a neutral stance on reproductive issues. Each troop is free to make a decision about that – including being fully supportive of Catholic teaching. That is why there are still Catholic GS troops, and Catholic scouting awards for Girl Scouts.

In my experience as a GS, this topic didn’t come up at all. Ever.


Just yesterday there was a piece posted on this on Snopes.

100% of the net revenue from cookies goes to the local council and troops.

Also, the organization has no position on “social issues” (sexuality, birth control, abortion) and no connection to Planned Parenthood. They have a whole page on their site answering questions about this:

They also note that the organization is one member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts out of 145 member organizations and does not necessarily take its positions. None of the money from member dues or cookies goes to WAGGGS.


From what I have read about the GS, it is up to the local Troops and the districts (or whatever the title is for the organization level about the troops is).

I don’t like that the GS are now supporting boys that are confused about the gender or transgender.


I don’t buy them. I can’t even stand to have the boxes and logo around in sight. That is why
I have personally went on a mission to eliminate them from anywhere around me. When I come across them in the break room at work, I uhhh. “dispose” of them quickly and throw away the empty boxes in the dumpster next door. So they will get the blame. (It’s the Mason’s Building. Seriously, I work next to the Mason’s lodge, my G-ma, rest her soul protects me everyday, I’m sure)


Actually, they are connected with abortion. I watched a “Women of Grace” on this very thing, where Johnnette had two women and their young preteen daughters on her show discussing this. The episode was titled “On My Honor I Had To Leave Scouting” and can still be watched on the WOG website in their episode archives.


Nevertheless, the USCCB allows Catholic Girl Scout troops and Catholic scouting awards. While local troops may have some connection with PO, the national organization maintains a policy of neutrality on reproductive issues.

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