Girl with Half Her Brain Missing Lives Normal Life: Researchers Amazed

By Hilary WhiteJuly 28, 2009 ( - Scientists are stunned to discover that a ten-year-old German girl’s brain has rewired itself to allow her to see out of one eye as though she has two, even though half of her brain tissue was entirely missing from birth. In a report published…

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That’s not as uncommon as you think. For a while we considered hemispherectomy for our son as a means to control his epilepsy. For the first several years he was diagnosed the focal point of his seizures was in the left hemisphere. By the time the doctors agreed to make it an option he began to have seizures from both the left and right sides.

If the surgury is done early enough the brain will “rewire” to operate fairly normally. If done later (after age 5 according to our doctor) the effects can be more drastic (loss of speech - stroke like restrictions on body movement).

God certainly created an amazing thing when he created us! God is good…all the time!

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