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I developed sort of a self-help book for young girls ages 11-18 for a creative project, a year or two ago for a class I had. I used online resources of course, as well as my own words and ideas for the book.

My professor loved the idea and the contents of the book. He had two young daughters, and said that he would love copies for them in an actual book format. He passed away that year and I didn't get a chance to make the copies for his daughters before he passed. I felt so bad, and when I found out he passed away I was so upset. He was such a nice, kind and generous person. Anyway, when I went to funeral, his wife mentioned she would give out her email address to get any memories, pictures, etc. about her husband. I emailed her and told her about the book, and asked how/where I could send them to. I think I asked for her home address so that I could send it, but I think the school mentioned we could send gifts there anyway - not sure. Well, she never responded back and I didn't know what to do. She is really nice so I don't think she meant to ignore the email but I really wasn't sure what to do. I feel like I should still make the books for the girls, and I have all the contents, I just have to make into a book format. I am thinking to send it to her mail box at the university (she was also a professor at the same school as her husband).

I wanted some feedback/opinions about a section I had in the book about God. If any of you have anything else I could add or change, please let me know. thanks!

Here is what I have:

God alone is the source of goodness in us. He created us and EVERYTHING that He created is good...including you!! If you choose to have a relationship with God, He will remind you often of the incredible gifts He has given you. He will reveal to you, through self awareness, other awareness and through a positive outlook that He wants to use YOU to remind people of HIS goodness! In order to do that, you have to recognize your own goodness!! PRAY that God will remind you often that you are deserving of all of His love and ask Him to build up your self esteem. Of course, none of us are perfect (we are all a work in progress) but we are perfectly LOVED!

For me, talking to God helps when I feel like no one cares or is too busy with their own lives. To find the better you, it’s important to know God’s Truth; good steps to take are going to Church, reading the Bible, asking questions to a parent or a priest, etc. There is no shortcut for this step. This seed may take time to grow; it’s hard work but worth it! God will help you through any struggle or problem you have. There is no one better to go to for help than God. You can talk and pray to Him any time you want, and He always listens! He is like your parent who loves and wants to protect you. Trust in God, for He is what makes the world go round.

In order to grow into a better person, especially when dealing with a problem or if you are angry is to not blame, or be enraged at the injustice of the situation. Stay calm, and ask yourself "What does God want from me now?” Ask God to guide you and make the right decisions. Trust me, He will let you know.


If there isn’t any major expense involved, I don’t see any harm in preparing the booklets for the daughters.

Then mail them to the professor’s widow at the university, with a sympathy card expressing sorrow for her loss. Say something to the effect that your assignment brought joy to her husband, who wanted to share the it with their daughters.

Invite her to review the story first, so she then can decide whether to pass it along so that your not imposing.

She hopefully was simply inundated with emails offering support and condolences, and didn’t have a chance to read everything. If this were the case, then a physical care package from one of her husband’s students might stand out all the more!


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