Girls 'harassed' in school bathroom by transgender student told his rights trump their privacy

Girls have complained about the transgender student’s harassment of them in bathrooms
The girls have been threatened with removal from sports teams and hate crimes charges

This is incredibly sad and it angers me as well. But then again, I can’t say this wasn’t expected. When things like “transgender rights” become favorite political causes, it often seems that “transgender rights” trump the rights of normal people.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for transgendered people. I personally think that they have something wrong with their minds or perhaps with some other part of their bodies. However, I do not believe that they were born as the wrong “gender”. I personally prefer the term “sex” because the term “gender” has been hijacked by the “LGBT rights movement”.

LGBT people do and should have rights. However, that does not include the right for them to discriminate against or harass others as seems to be the case here. Unfortunately it seems like there are a lot of times when in civil law, the rights of the “LGBT” crowd have trumped the rights of others.

Not surprised at all. Not one bit.

Who didn’t see this coming? :shrug:

I’m not saying that there’s no way that this could be true, but I am going to reserve judgement.

First off, dailymail is a very sensationalist news site. Secondly, they’ve gotten the story secondhand from CBN and they keep referring to what CBN has said. (CBN is Pat Robertson’s channel). There is no statement from the school or from any of the girls parents, so I’m not sure how CBN is claiming to know what was told to the girls or their parents, but I’d venture to say that there is a spin on this.

I’ll wait until more information comes out.

While I agree with the need to wait for more information, I will say that if this is not being sensationalize, and actually is a harassment case of this nature, that I am absolutely not surprised by this in the least.

When the left decided to allow males into female washrooms, indeed they did make the case that the transgenders rights do trump the privacy rights of girls.

And if this story was sensationalized or the harassment didn’t occur, I would not be surprised that it does happen in the future.

Really, it is only a matter of time.

What did people expect when they started allowing men into womens locker rooms?

What do they mean by ‘harassed’? Why is that word in quotes?

My thoughts exactly.

In the rules of political correctness, the only ones who trump the “LGBT” is Islam. Liberals make up a lot of the converts to Islam.


you have been absorbed!

You have been absorbed!:smiley:

I think many times the sources for the comments we tend to make are our own eyes and ears, as we watch the world unfold around us.

One doesn’t represent all the group, same goes for each group.

If some non-“transgendered” guy went into the girls’ restroom and refused to leave, would anybody NOT think the girls there were being “harrassed”? And would anybody not think the school to be complicit in it?

Obviously, this guy is not able to “pass” convincingly as a girl or the girls wouldn’t have known he is a guy.

Just because this guy is or claims to be gender disoriented, he’s still a guy, and the harrassment is no different from what it would be if he was a guy who considered himself a guy. And the school is complicit.

Watch CNN tonight. For confirmation watch MSNBC.

Lacking from the story were most NAMES. Not just of the kids, but the public officials who are “in charge” of all this.

Here’s a start. The names of the school board members who oversee Florence High.

You have to LOVE this line at the bottom of their site:

Board Policy
Fremont RE-2 School District’s policies are undergoing a manual overhaul by CASB and will be posted as soon as the project is complete. Sorry for any inconvience.


Well, it seems we know what ONE of their policies is at least (unless things have changed … no pun intended).

I just love it too when something a PERSON says or rules on is referred to in such terms as “the*** SCHOOL*** reports …” or the ever popular " … according to (wait for it) … the Vatican… :shrug:

At least put the Principal’s name out there. It should be on some sort of public paper somewhere. OK … I WILL. His name is Thad Gates (according to this link). Nice link.

I have no idea what Mr. Gates’ personal policy is on the matter … but naming the Principal of the School (or the Superintendent of Schools for the District) is much less lame, and better Journalism than inferring that a school could talk and be quoted.

Fun fact: looking up the school on Google maps, I hit the letter “A” on the map and the following sentence appeared (with the school’s address and phone number) :

“GOOD LUCK getting anyone to answer the phone.”

(also listed was the time) *"… Four Months Ago" *

Later, the same mouse click on the “A” had changed to this:

“I have no idea why people would say anything bad about Florence High School. It is a great school! All the teachers would do anything academically to …” -

No time reference here, so possibly new.

and this:

The teachers are really caring with the kids and if they have specail needs they go that extra mile to help them out.

( From): … Two Years Ago.

… which was possibly before this controversy began.

Maybe a bunch of the girls’ Dads could claim to be “transgender” for a night and harrass the school board, demanding they share their spots on the dais as they conduct the District’s Meetings or something. Shouting :okpeople: - “this kid doesn’t speak for US … NOT in our name!”

It might be identifying absurdity by demonstrating absurdity … but really. This result should not stand. Up until now I thought the fictional Colorado city of South Park was a bizarre lampoon of suburban Colorado. Could it BE that truth is stranger than (even quite outlandish) fiction in the Centennial State? < From the school site. < Logo for the “Bully Button” … a peace symbol in rainbow colors.

Maybe “bully button” and the peace sign, and the rainbow choice are coincidental, and maybe they are a not so subtle code. Taken separately who could be against “anti-bullying” (except the bullies)? Or against peace? Who doesn’t like rainbows?

Taken together with this school’s apparent conclusions re: the “controversy” - and is it coincidental or planned that this test case came HERE?

Is there a silver lining somewhere? Maybe. This nonsense will probably not stand.

Even if a local court ruled in favor of the … person in question … and against the girls; an appeals court somewhere will probably set it right. But the troublemakers will have had their fun.

Should this case (perish the thought) go all the way to the Supreme Court, be heard, and ruled in FAVOR of the … person in question … there might still be a silver lining.

Roe V Wade was put through with a majority opinion generally alluding to a "woman’s right to privacy. If this is what “women’s privacy” has come to, perhaps whatever convoluted logic is used to prop up this inane farce of an issue – could be used as precedent to overturn Roe V Wade as well.

(That should give a deserving somebody somewhere a bad case of cognitive dissonance).

:eek: - "I’m so conflicted now!"

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