Girls in Britain using abortion as birth control and having up to FOUR terminations by the age of 18

Teenagers are using repeat abortions as a form of birth control, with some girls having four or more terminations by the age of 18, it has been claimed.

Nearly 1,500 of the 19,000 girls under 18 who had a termination last year had previously undergone one earlier abortion for an unwanted pregnancy – and in at least one case a teenage girl had her eighth abortion.

Department of Health data for 2008 reveals 74 teenagers had their third abortion and a further 15 girls under the age of 18 had previously had between three and six earlier abortions.

But the exact details remain hidden from public scrutiny because of Government secrecy on abortion figures owing to fears that patients could be identified.

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So sad, and not just for the children. A lot of those young girls will grow up and realize what they’ve done and find it very difficult to live with themselves.

Dear Lord, have mercy on them! How sad.

No kidding. Those girls are just kids themselves. I have to ask where are the parents in these girls’ lives???

This is sad, and a sign of a society that is truly without God and the guidance of His Church. We need to pray for the Great Britain…that God will reign there once again!

Oh my goodness!!! How in the world can this possibly happen? It seems that in the secular world all this, is just another game to them? And where in the world are the parents in all of this? Lord, forgive them.

The nanny state is taking care of them. You should study the effects of socialism on the family in Cuba. Nearly 50 years of socialist rule has successfully broken down the family in a way that would please Marx. Most families have only a single mother and one or two children. The mother averages two to three abortions by age 35.

It is not only a quite secular country much of it is hostile to Christianity…The Catholics there have a very tough go I think

In what way?

I think there is still an anti catholic sort of feeling in the country from what my friend tells me…She has a brother and sister in England…she says they feel it…she didn’t go into specifics but I feel it sometimes when my UK email pal sends me things

He once apologized to me for his behavior and I never preach at him ,nor try to convert him, but he knows I am a practicing catholic , and didn’t seem to be very respectful about it

I think it’s more that Brits don’t really like people to be overtly ‘enthusiastic’ about things like religion and tend to make fun of them.

I don’t even talk to him about religion I never have…It was just a snide attack, and it hurt my feelings

Just as bad, the high abortions rates in an otherwise Catholic country such as Poland shows just how insidious the socialist message has been.


I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or cause a fight but I don’t read anything else he sends…I have tried to be extra kind and have sent things to him he asked me to get for him, he always pays me for the costs…He even sent a box to me he bought on ebay to ship …It was so big I had to repack it into 2 boxes for the PO to send, because they refused it…It was so big I couldn’t even manage it by myself…He bought a big bunch of dolls for me to ship to him

I never complained nor did my husband, we just wanted to befriend him and to do a good deed…but he has eally shown a different side and we have chatted for a few years

The last thing he sent to me was some crack about breeding like rabbits and how the Muslims are overtaking the Christians because we don’t

:hmmm: it’s a difficult one to assess. In general, Catholics are counter-cultural (or, if we’re not, there’s something awry),so it’s not surprising when we perceive the world as ‘against us’. I’m sure that that feeling is amplified when Catholics are a minority as they are in the UK. That is not to say that I think it’s all in our heads. As Kaninchen points out the ‘Brits don’t really like people to be overtly ‘enthusiastic’ about things like religion’ - and ‘enthusiastic’ here doesn’t mean evangelical. Just a public profession of belief in God would be enough. As one of Tony Blair’s colleagues was supposed to have said: ‘We don’t do God’.

And one must also take into account in the UK a long history of suspicion of Catholics as somehow treacherous - a suspicion that is given popular expression even today in Guy Fawkes night (although I do wonder how many of those burning “Guys” on bonfires and setting off fireworks actually know what it is they are commemorating) Then there’s the Act of Settlement (1701) which still prevents Catholics or those who marry Catholics from ascending the throne, though again how much this impinges on the consciousness of your average English Catholic today is difficult to assess.

In April 2008, British journalist Paul Vallely, a Catholic, gave the London Newman lecture, entitled: “On being an English Catholic: from minority to mainstream – and back again?English Catholicism 1951 – 2008” It’s quite long but well worth reading for his perspective. The full text is HERE

There is an Uncommon Knowledge interview with Catholic anthropologist/theologian Rene Girard right now. His thinking is quite complex, and probably needs some background material material to be understood, but he basically points out how societies need scapegoats to funnel their resentments and thereby keep from self-destroying. In modern societies in the past few generations, Christians are starting to be placed in that role of cathartic scapegoat.
As far as Anglo-Saxon countries go, my sense is that Britain is an especially long ways down that path.

I don’t know if you would see this situation in any other countries. I am a girl in the UK and the majority of my friends are pretty uneducated about contraception and abortion- sex education in my opninion is bad and starts far too late.
I think we need to help these girls improve their lives and their attitude to sex, and we should help them see that abortion is not the only option. It’s not right to condemn the ignorant. Christianity in the UK is very sidelined, a lot of the time you are mocked for going to church, believing in God etc. If you did a study on the backgrounds of these girls you would find they are most likely uneducated, come from poor backgrounds in broken homes etc. It’s very sad to hear this, but these girls need help not condemnation.

Or maybe not. The law has taught them that killing your own unborn children is perfectly acceptable. Who are they to argue with the law?

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