Girls Masturbate?


OK, so i have like a million questions I know but they are ones that r buggin me forever. So here is the last one. Promise. Is it a sin for a teen girl who isnt married or anything to masturbate by herself? I know boys arent suppoze to but my friends says theres nuthin in the bible about girls doin it? Izit true?

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Now first of all, does that seem very fair to you? Second of all, the Bible has the weakest argument of them all for why guys should not masterbate. It was thought that the male was the sole provider of the baby and that the women was only used as an incubator and not required. Therefore, a guy masternbating would be spilling his seed and commiting abortion. You and I both know that is not true. Second of all, can you really masterbate without thinking any lustful or impure thoughts? I know I can’t. That in itself is a mortal sin. I hope that answers your question. Someone else can point out the catechism to you. Masterbation like it or not is wrong. It sure can suck that is wrong but I trust there is good rason for it being wrong which is why I am making the best of efforts in controlling this sin.


Absolutely it’s wrong. St Paul in the bible condemns fornicaion (any premarital sexual activity - including masturbation). Doesn’t specify men only. Just as it’s equally wrong for men and women to engage in adultery, so it’s equally rong for them to indulge in masturbation.



I’ve read your other posts on these forums. You ask a lot about issues your friends are talking to you about.Your “friends” are engaging in promiscuous, risky, immoral behavior, some of which you already knew was wrong before you even asked us any questions. They do not sound like the best authorities on Christian Living. I wouldn’t listen to them on moral issues any more if I were you.


Unless you want to be condemned, don’t bring your private information to this forum.


What a horrible and judgmental thing to say! I believe she is asking a very valid question that many teen-aged girls probably have. Now, I would agree that the proper place for the question might be in the Ask the Apologist section where it will not receive any subsequent comments, but still, to tell someone to stay away from here is irresponsible and uncaring, and unchristian as well. If someone is seeking the Truth, why in the world you ever push them away, just because YOU are uncomfortable with the subject matter? :mad:

And to the OP, yes, of course it’s wrong. But the reason it is wrong for girls is because any sexual act should only be between a husband and his wife. The reason masturbation specifically is wrong, is because when a husband and wife are together making love, masturbation alone is a very selfish act, and it removes the unitive (bringing the couple together) aspect of love making, and can ultimately separate the couple emotionally.

And I also agree with another comment, you may need to reconsider going to your friends for advice on such subjects in the future.



Yes, it’s a valid question. My answer would be different from yours. I was trying to save her from “judgemental” responses. It is a private matter.


I agree - this is the sort of question one should ask a priest, while in the Confessional, for maximum privacy.

This is a public forum, and literally anyone could be reading along.


Just one problem with that: Half the priest nowadays will tell you it is alright to masterbate or that it is not a mortal sin.


It is wrong, and I am not judging you, I am just stating the truth.

Now this doesn’t mean you are a bad person if you have done this or are doing this. You should stop if you do and try and put God’s will first.

It is just as difficult for men in this regard so you are not alone.

It is easier to do bad if you make a habit of it, and it is easier to do good
ot do bad if you make a habit of it.

So if you do something like this just stop and take it a day at a time to not do this. Just like smoking or anything else, you might like it but it is wrong to do so stop and take it a day at a time.
If you fall into sin then repent and work to not do it again.

Not everyone here on this forum is a saint and we all need to work at being repenting and living a less sinful life.

In Christ


Sad, but true.

All sexual activity outside the bonds of marriage is a grave sin. For the sin to be mortal, you must also have knowledge it is wrong, (you do now) and consent of the will. (how do you accidently masterbate?). So masterbation is virtually always a mortal sin. Gender makes no difference. Should you engage in this sin, you should not receive Holy Communion until after you make a Sacramental Confession.

From a psychological point of view, masterbation can also be habit forming, a sort of addiction. The result is that the person develops a certain degree of physical selfishness that interferes with relationships and a healthy marriage. The sense of a sacramental love in marriage can be permmanently lost. This leads to disappointment in and a self of isolation.

Please do not start down that road. It only leads to unhappiness and lonliness.


Well, you have already made a ‘judgemental’ response by assuming that the OP has said she masturbates, which she has not.

Yes, it is a private matter, but how on earth is she going to get her question answered if she keeps it ‘private’?

The best response would be to point her to any of the catechisms and leave it at that.

I was quite horrified by your comment

*Unless you want to be condemned, don’t bring your private information to this forum. *

Those without sin, cast the first stone. Are you able to do that?


LOL, if it’s wrong for us, it’s wrong for you too.:cool: :smiley:


If God gives us a spirit of CONTROL then the opposit is a “controling spirit” and where did it come from, I guess yo know that it has to be from satan so it must be wrong.We are born to follow Jesus tothe Father.

I would hope that you see that your friends seem to try to distract ou from following Jesus, do you think that it is wise to be pulled into their attitude instead of towards your reading the Gosples? Think of what could hapoen to you should you spend a lot of time with them instead of listening to what could give you peace. Jesus gives us the answers and if you ask the Holy Spirit to help you, there are groups you could join.

You who use this thread to cause conflict please, that is also a spirit that does not come from God. lets not distract from the point.
God bless.


thanks 4 yur answers. I understand most of the answers but alot of em sound just like my mom. I dont get this!!! I mean god gave me my body and if im not supposed to let someboidy else touch it why cant I touch it!?? Even if I think about guys or something when i do it but only I know that and nobody else needs to know what im thinking about RIGHT? Im not having sex with him and Im not telling him about it!! I sure dont want to be condemmed, but sometimes it just happens and I cant really help it sometimes!! I mean what about that?

:confused: -ALy!


Because God gave you a brain and self-control as well as a body! I mean he also gave us food didn’t he? Does that mean it’s good or OK to eat everything in sight just because you feel like it?

And who cares what other people know, GOD knows and you know that you’re thinking about guys as objects and using them and your own body as mere selfish objects of pleasure rather than for HIS purposes and his glory as he designed them. Yes it may feel like you ‘can’t help it’ but the truth is you can.

For starters learn to recognise when you’re being tempted and simply stop in your tracks, say a prayer, do whatever it is that will take your mind off sex for a bit and you’ll see that you can indeed stop yourself!

Challenge your own thinking and your own attitudes - it appears you’ve been brainwashed into seeing sex and/or masturbation as necessary. Neither of them are. You’re not going to die or be deprived without them, as long as you find other pursuits to enjoy. Develop your mind and your faith, discover talents you may have in other areas.

We may sound like your Mom - guess what, sometimes she’s right! She’s right when she tells you to eat your vegetables because you’ll be and feel stronger and healthier if you do. And she’s right if she’s telling you not to fill your mind so much with sex that it leaves no room for healthier and better thoughts.


God knows what we do and all of our thoughts. Also, just because I have a body and can cause great evil does not mean I should go and do it.

just keep that in mind


Masturbation, along with pre-marital sex, is a sin. God did not give you your body for these purposes. In the words of the Baltimore Catechism “God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in the next.”. As you can see, there is nothing in there about God making you so that you could gratify yourself sexually. Since you have been clearly told here and apparently also by your mother that this is a sin, you would possibly sin very gravely if you were to engage in masturbation or pre-marital sex.

If we sound old fashioned remember one thing: God is unchanging, so the “rules” He set down thousands of years ago are the same now as they were then. The Bible tells us “do not be conformed to this world” (Rm12:2). That means that we are not to do the sinful things “everyone else is doing”.

I’m sorry this is a temptation for you, but it is a serious one. I’m glad that you are asking questions…now, you need to listen to the answers even if they are not what you want to hear. Of course, you need to remember this is a public forum and anyone could be advising you. Although the advice on this thread is sound, you never know when someone of a different set of values could chime in and give you advice that is against Church teaching. I would recommend that you read the Catechism which specifically addresses the issue of maturbation. Here is an online version.


This poster is being disingenuous.

Don’t fall for it.



The only way you could know that is if the poster is you. Is it?

If not, we have to give her the benefit of the doubt and take her questions and concerns seriously. Be charitable.


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