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I have taken on the task of planning a get-away with some girlfriends for a long weekend in Jan. or Feb. I am looking for suggestions from anyone who has actually done something that was unique, memorable or particularly fun or relaxing with their gal-pals. Since we are spread out, we are all up for flying if the destination requires and are looking to stay 3-4 days. Thanks in advance for putting on your ‘cruise director’ hats!


my husband urged me years ago to get together with “annie and her sisters” and do something like this. One year we toured southern Indiana, another year the Georgian Bay area, and once to Stratford Ontario for Shaw and Shakespeare. Now my daughters have started doing the same thing, last year in a resort in Charleston WV (central to all of them) with their families, one year just the girls to NYC for Broadway plays and shopping, they are talking about a cruise for next year.


My four sisters and I try to get together for nerdy stuff - art shows and exhibits, museum showings, the opera. Not all of us make it each time, but each time is special. We have so much fun! Some of our events involve travel. We plan to go to Field Museum in Chicago when the King Tut exhibit opens there.

It’s more fun than decent women ought to have, I can tell you! Just imagine: no responsibility for a few days, learning something new, seeing something fabulous (play, movie, whatever), shopping, eating out (even at a fast food place), seeing the sights of a city or other destination. Gosh, I can’t wait til next time!


Island Oak:

This sounds so wonderful. Please keep us posted on your plans. I can’t wait until my children are old enough to do something like you are undertaking; these sort of blessings make life extra sweet.


Are any of you military? There are some great military-only resorts at prime locations…very inexpensive, yet as luxurious as surrounding hotels. The Shades of Green at Disney World and the Hale Koa smack dab on Waikiki BCH Hawaii. You can get up to three rooms per military member or retiree.

Disney World is so much fun because there is something there for everyone. Epcot is a blast for dining around the world. There is plenty of fun nighlife and activities for a group of girlfriends! You could even consider a magical gatherings package

I hope I have a group of gals to go on trips with someday… you are so blessed!


There are a few great places on the East Coast… New York City, for obvious reasons.

Baltimore. Inner Harbor is so much fun, there are plenty of Museums, The National Aquarium, Harbor cruises, zoo, etc, etc. That city has alot to offer!

Washington DC is great because just about every National museum there is free admission. You get alot of bang for your buck in DC.

Alot of people in the Marilyand/Delaware area rent beach houses for the weekend. A friend of mine had a girls weekend at a beach house with her girlfriends. Her kids are the same ages as mine, but I wasn’t in that part of her circle. :slight_smile:


Wait! What about a Spa weekend? Imagine that - mud baths and facials, wraps and massages - makeovers - how self - indulgent would that be!Uh-oh. Is that too much self indulgence? :tsktsk:


I’m jealous!

I’m having a Girls Night Out next Saturday night. No kids. Friends are coming over for Pedicures, wine and snacks. It will only last about 2 hours…I couldn’t imagine a whole weekend.

I would find a quite little town that had a coffee house, lots of places to eat and shop…definitely staying at a bed and breakfast…

Have you ever thought about Savannah GA? Beautiful! Won’t be TOO cold the end of February there.


How about the Mall of America in Minneapolis? Granted, Jan. or Feb. is not the nicest time to visit Minnesota (unless you like freezing cold) but the MOA is so much fun… shopping, lots of great dining, indoor amusment park, etc. There is an Embassy Suites Hotel that we’ve stayed at that’s very nice & they will shuttle you to the mall & the airport.


Whenever I’ve gone on destination trips with girlfriends, we actually prefer something like a resort atmosphere where we can take advantage of spa facilities (massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, etc), great restaurants and pool or beachside cabanas to lay out and enjoy the sun. This way we all get to talk talk talk and not tire ourselves out with shopping or coordinating too much, since activities and service are readily available. Depending on where you go, there are always activities ranging from beach horseback riding to jeep tours to jetskiis to… one-night evening cruises (these tend to be young party drunkfests, but some are geared more towards responsible adults with the focus on quality live entertainment, maybe a casino on deck and great food, etc). Even if you go to a resort that is more inland (like in Phoenix or Scottsdale, for instance) there are still local activities or resort activities that don’t necessarily center on water. Sometimes we’ve taken a day to go shopping in whatever city or quaint little town we happen to be in, but it’s never the focus of the trip or we find we get a little cranky and start feeling guilty for spending money on stuff (which we can do anytime) and not on EXPERIENCES, if that makes sense. Ultimately, we don’t really care what we do as long as we get to enjoy ourselves and each other and relax for a few frivolous days.


Thanks for all the great suggestions!! I think we are looking for a combination of spa-type escape, access to some boutique shopping, galleries, great wining/dining and hopefully mild weather.

As someone who grew up in Mpls/St. Paul I am very familiar with the M.O.A.–but doubt I could make a whole weekend of it–I’m not much of a mall-rat. None of us are miltitary/spouses of military so those suggestions are probably out of reach. I did like the suggestion of Savannah, Ga–I’ve been there and love it–and some of the east-coast venues–mostly because I haven’t been there and would probably love it. I’m thinking AZ, NM or CA desert might not be bad at that time of year and know they are crawling with spas. As for too much indulgence…well us AWOL moms are probably up to the challenge!


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