GIRM in Canada?

From reading posts, I’ve gotten the impression that Canada doesn’t have a translation of the newest GIRM (yet?). Is this true? From what I found when I tried to look up more info, it looks like it (the Latin version) has been out for a while. Anyone know why it hasn’t been translated for us yet? :confused: Thanks!

The CCCB has not approved the new GIRM, mainly because they are dragging their feet on it. You can look at the CCCB website, but you’ll mostly find a lot of doubletalk. They used to have a document that said that Canada would not adopt the GIRM until the new missal itself was translated into English and French, and it took the CCCB even longer than the USCCB to approve the new English trannslation (which will take years to implement).

I’m not sure which is worse, the CCCB or the USCCB. At least in the US all of the holy days of obligation haven’t been eliminated.

As a foloow up, here is the document I was talking about, from 2000:,eng/

Here is the key passage from that text:

The following steps are necessary prior to the complete implementation of the revised GIRM in Canada:

  1. The CCCB is asking the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) and the Commission internationale francophone pour les traductions et la liturgie (CIFTL) to prepare official English and French translations of the text.
  2. The bishops of Canada (French and English Sectors) will vote on the translated texts.
  3. The translated texts will be sent to Rome for the recognitio of the Holy See.
  4. Once recognitio is received, bishops and pastors will complete the process of implementing the revised GIRM

…The full implementation of the GIRM in Canada must await the completion of the process described above.

Thanks. Hopefully it happens in the next decade. :rolleyes:

Don’t hold your breath. I asked my priest about the GIRM for us, and he said the reason for the delay is because of the cultural differences between the French and English speaking bishops and also because of the differences between the traditional and modernist bishops.

As we know, in Canada, the cultural differences will never be resolved between the French and English. And that’s a shame, because even though each culture has their own merits, we need a GIRM to guide us past all the liturgical abuses that are tearing our liturgy to pieces. Without the rubrics in the GIRM to point to, each priest can just say, “Well, the CCCB hasn’t yet adopted the GIRM, so that doesn’t apply to us yet.”

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