GIRM Not Fully Implemented In diocese

Hi Gang:

I have been in discussions with my parish priest about numerous violations of the GIRM and Redemptionis Sacramentum that occur every day in the celebration of the Liturgy at my parish.

The comment I get is that our Archbishop has not fully implemented all of the aspects of the GIRM into Liturgical practice in the Archdiocese. . Some of these violations that I (and others) see in the Liturgy are quite serious and are even listed in the document Redemptionis Sacramentum.

I was just wondering if anyone else has heard anything like this before and if any one knows what freedom the local Ordinary has in implementing the norms found in these documents? Also, what can we as laypeople do to help the Archbishop implement these if, in fact, what my priest says is true?

Jeff S.

The comment I get is that our Archbishop has not fully implemented all of the aspects of the GIRM into Liturgical practice

That’s very possible, Jeff. In my diocese, we received notification from the bishop that the new guidelines were to be implemented by a certain date, if I remember correctly, in April this year. Our pastor held a meeting to instruct the EMHC’s concerning the changes. This takes time to flow from the ‘powers that be’ down to the grass roots. Be patient a little longer.

Some dioceses have not had a problem with this. They’ve made the (rather modest) adjustments and moved on.

Others have made it seem as if this were akin to rewiring every computer in a vast factory with millions of moving parts that each needed individual care.

The new GIRM does not introduce major changes. Recalcitrance in implementation is nothing new, however, in some locales. Again, some places have had zero problems. Others…it takes ages and ages.

The problem is that our Pastor is new to our Parish and the previous Pastors had celebrated the Liturgy according to the GIRM in this parish for years. In fact, about half of our members are not from the little town where this parish is located (myself included) and many of us drove to this parish because the GIRM was followed so closely whereas most parishes in the area were violating the GIRM in one or more areas.

Our new Pastor keeps telling my that our previous Pastors did us a disservice by following the GIRM so closely and that because of this people like me have been poorly catechized when it comes to the Liturgy. He uses the lack of implementation of the GIRM to justify changing the words of the Eucharistic Prayers (he does not like the word Father because it is “sexist”) and other very common abuses in that he consecrates the wine in the a large glass cruet and then pours the precious blood into the chalices for distribution.

He has also made it clear that he is uncomfortable with celebrating the Liturgy so closely to the GIRM and he says that he will not lead us in the Liturgy in a manner that makes him uncomfortable. When I told him it is dividing the Parish he said that “maybe that needs to happen.”

Jeff S.

You know, the BIGGEST joke from these…truly…laughingstocks of liturgy is this game I have heard played more than once:

  1. Father abuses the liturgy, maybe, say, by altering words from the Canon;

  2. Person complains;

  3. Father says the “new GIRM” hasn’t been implemented yet.

Umm, Father, what about the OLD GIRM? You know, the one you’re disobeying?

“Oh, well, that’s in limbo until the NEW GIRM.”

In other words, it’s a free for all?

Some people will do anything to rationalize how they’ve mucked up the liturgy.

Dear jschwehm,

Just wondering why you are so concerned with the strict adherance to the GIRM and Redemptios Sacramentum ?

A fellow pilgrim from southest Wisconsin,

Br Mark, OSB

After what the poor people had to endure for years on end, I think many would be concerned about simply following the liturgy the Church has provided.


It may be helpful to keep in mind Banned Topics #19

Identifying individual parishes, clergy, or hierarchs as “unfaithful to the Magisterium”, guilty of “liturgical abuse”, or otherwise engaged in unacceptable or unpopular practices, based on personal “knowledge” or opinion

Just wondering why you are so concerned with the strict adherance to the GIRM and Redemptios Sacramentum ?

Because the Church prays as she believes and I find that much of the violations that I have seen down plays the role of the ministerial priesthood and makes the priest seem more like a layperson. In addition, many of the violations minimize the Mass as a Sacrifice and downplays the doctrine of transubstantiation. In essence, many of the violations that I see make the Mass appear more like a Protestant worship service. As a convert to the Catholic Church, I did not become Catholic just to worship and pray to God and believe as a Protestant again.

Jeff S.

Because we have a Canonical Right to have our liturgies faithfully celebrated according to these documents.

When is it ever appropriate to have Canonical Rights denied to the faithful?

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