GIRM: Questions about the Ambo

The instruction in third paragrah of GIRM (309) states:-- From the ambo only the Exsultet are to be proclaimed; it may be used also for giving the Homily and for announcing the intentions of the Prayer of the Faithful. The dignity of the ambo reqires that only a minister of the word should go up to it.
My question is: (a) Does the word minister apply to the ordained minister i.e. the Priest or is extended any lay person egaged in the ministry as ministers of the Eucharist, readers, etc.
(b) Can a lay minister of the Eucharist, readers, etc. go up to the ambo for any other reason other than that prescribed above pertaining the Ambo. Using the Ambo for presenting budget, anything and everything has now become acceptable by parish priests, and indisputable.
© Can a layperson refuse to read from Ambo when he conscionable feels material does not conform to the above rule therefore inappropriate even though the parish priest says its OK. Ivan

A. “Minister of the Word” applies to clergy and any lay person who is fulfilling the role of Lector.

B. Obviously the GIRM does not want non-liturgical actions taking place from the ambo. Unfortunately, however, many parishes have no alternate location from which to make announcements. If there is a reasonable alternate location, it should be used.

C. Of course someone can refuse to do something that is not prescribed in the liturgical books. However, there is no guarantee that they will keep their position or that the local Bishop will deem this issue large enough to personally intervene. A better solution would be to discuss alternate ways/locations to do the announcements with the pastor and parish council.

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