Giuliani Joins Trump Legal Team

Now I know this is New News.

I doubt it will work out. As soon as the spotlight on Giuliani is brighter than it is on Trump then:

Trump to Giuliani: Your Fired

Giuliani in Press Release: I am Resigning.


Giuliani said he is going to get a list from Mueller of what is needed to “comply” with the rest of the investigation as soon as he can, and depending on what is on the list, that compliance might go quickly, even as soon as “a couple of weeks.”

Very optimistic isn’t he? Has he forgotten how long the Ken Starr probing took?

Opinion Piece:

You don’t call Rudy Giuliani when things are merely awful: His phone rings when the alternative is complete catastrophe.

Giuliani, who spoke to CNN on the phone soon after news broke about his role, was careful to praise Trump’s current legal team, but he said that sometimes it helps to bring on a fresh perspective.

Layman’s terms anyone?

I posted about this in another thread.

Here’s my take on this:

I think it’s a mistake. I’m not being critical of President Trump here, just being objective.

Giuliani has so much baggage from his past, and so many potential conflicts from his days running Giuliani Associates, his consulting firm, that the optics of this are not going to be good. It’s too easy to drag up all kinds of bad stuff from Giuliani’s past, and tar the president with that brush. Anyone remember the Bernie Kerik mess? And that’s just one example.

Also, Rudy hasn’t actually practiced law in decades. I don’t think he’s bringing much in the way of legal acumen to the situation.

I agree with Inisfallen. Giuliani hasn’t practiced law in so long, I can’t help to wonder how effective he would be in a high profile case. But I’ll also say this, I can’t help but wonder if he will wander into Mueller’s investigation as a subject. It seems likely that someone in the FBI office in New York was leaking and that seems to have gone through Giuliani. I can’t help but wonder how he’ll be able to be a good lawyer to Trump when he might have his own interest to protect.

I don’t think it’s s conflict of interest.

But Comey worked for Giuliani in the US attorney’s office in New York.

Comey has worked with Mueller too.

And Mueller was head of FBI during 9/11. They all know each other.

That’s why I said I don’t think it’s a conflict of interest.

When your Lawyer(cohen) needs Lawyers, YOU NEED A LAWYER!!!

You don’t want a criminal attorney; you want a CRIMINAL attorney.

I think Trump is relying on Giuliani trying to pull some strings and getting Mueller to ease off the pedal.

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